Eric Mangini: Just Another Judas Iscariot

Ivahn LachowskySenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2008

One thing that has been constantly overlooked regarding the Spygate scandal is that Eric Mangini was defensive backs coach for the Patriots from 2000 to 2004. He was also defensive cordinator for the Pats in 2005.

That means he was present for all three Super Bowl titles including the newly dug up story of the Patriots filming the St Louis Rams' walk-through in the 2002 Super Bowl.

Mangini left the Patriots in 2005 to take over the head coaching position for the NY Jets from the fired Herm Edwards. He took the Jets from a 4-12 record to 10-7 record within one year.

Praise was given to Mangini but should that praise and his credibility be questioned after having a hand in one of the most talked about sports controversies ever.

Most football but not all football fans know the history between Bill Belichick the current head coach of the Patriots and Eric Mangini.

Belichick, head coach of the Cleveland Browns from '91-'95 helped Mangini acquire a job putting film together for Browns coordinators when Mangini was a ball boy for the Browns.

Belichick also gave Mangini an assistant job with the Browns organization while he was head coach.

From '97-'99 Mangini was defensive assistant/quality control coach with the Jets, while Belichick was assistant head coach/secondary coach for the Jets at the time.

Then came the Patriots for Mangini and Belichick and then the end of the partnership and friendship.                                                                                                       

All this talk of Bill Belichick being what people have labelled a monster, a cheater, and a liar, well take a little closer look at Eric Mangini.

Belichick is what he is, the New England Patriots are what they are, and Eric Mangini is what he is, Mangini is a traitor, a rat, a whiner, and a loser, all of the things that Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization are not.

You know it always blows my mind when I think that even after the Patriots were accused of cheating against the Jets and all the tapes were destroyed, they still went out and had possibly one of the greatest seasons any football team has ever had.

You would have thought teams would have beefed up security and changed gameplans and schemes just in case, if teams did do that it, well it didn't work and the Pats just blazed through all of them.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have said that even if the Pats had videotaped their signals it would not have made a difference in the outcome of their games.

All coaches in the NFL cover their mouths when making calls to protect against videotaping and signal stealing. I've seen Andy Reid head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles do it against countless teams for example.

I've also read some pretty funny quotes from Raiders Owner Al Davis about how he has cheated in the past, and John Madden has said that this kind of stuff has been going on for years.

So I think all those Patriot haters out there should stop getting so caught up in the moment, and start taking a look at the facts and the past.