Adrien Broner Weighs in over the 130-Pound Limit, Is Stripped of WBO Belt

Mick AkersAnalyst IJuly 21, 2012

February 25, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA;  Adrien Broner talks to the media after knocking out  Eloy Perez in the fourth round of the Arch Enemies at the Scottrade Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

Rising star Adrien Broner weighed in at 133.5 pounds Friday at the weigh-in for his fight against Vincente Escobedo on Saturday and was subsequently stripped of his WBO junior lightweight title (per ESPN).

Usually after a fighter comes in overweight at a weigh-in, they will take the allotted time given to them to try and burn off the extra pounds, but Broner did nothing in this instance.

Broner was said to have been trying to burn off weight on a treadmill in the gym and sitting in a sauna before the weigh-in took place, according the ESPN report, which is why there was no effort to burn the extra pounds after his weight came in.

The belt being taken away from Broner is no real big deal, as he was planning on moving up to the lightweight division after the bout.

Whether the fight will still go on is still a mystery, as Ecobedo's camp has given an ultimatum to Broner's camp to keep things as fair as possible weight-wise.

Rolando Arellano, Escobedo's manager, told

We're going to try set up a second weigh-in for Saturday. We want him limited to 10 pounds over the contract weight, so he could have a maximum of 140 pounds. But if he comes in over that, then we want to start imposing fines. We want $10,000 a pound, but so far (the Broner camp) has not agreed.

Arellano went on to say since Escobedo's (26-3, 15 KOs) camp did everything that the Broner (23-0, 19 KOs) camp wanted them to do—including going to Broner's hometown of Cincinnati to fight him in front of his fans—that if Broner won't agree to the deal, then the cancellation of the fight will be on Broner's shoulders.

Fans can only hope that Broner takes the deal, so the fight can go on; he is one of the best young fighters out and missing an anticipated bout due to weight issues would be the latest low blow that the sport of boxing has endured over the last year.