It's Getting Drafty at Ford Field

Michael MrockCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2009

The recent cold snap that has Detroiters huddling for warmth has been giving some reprieve with the Tigers starting spring training and the new excitement for the NFL Draft.  With the first pick in the Draft, the Detroit Lions choose... 

At one point, it looked to be offensive tackle Andre Smith of Roll Tide fame.  Yet quarterbacks, the Trojan Sanchez and a Bulldog name Stafford, have joined the fray.   They are jockeying to be the one to hold up a Lions jersey with the number 1 on it, not just for being drafted number one overall, but also for the first goal of the new season—one victory.

However, the news that Daunte Culpepper is being resigned and nothing confirmed on either Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton leaves the idea of drafting a quarterback No. 1 up in the air.  Also there is talk that Lions tackle Jeff Backus being asked to move to guard might tip the Lions cap that Andre Smith might still be the front runner.

This week in Indianapolis, the NFL combine will be a chance for many to see what these three players, and as well as a host of other players on both sides of the ball, can bring to Detroit.  No other team will have as much hype at Lucas Oil Stadium as the Lions will. How does an 0-16 team rebuild?

The Detroit Lions have a good chance to run the table at the 2009 Draft in choosing a host of players that will realize they have nothing to lose.  Only up is the direction of choice now.  It all starts with picking the right player at No. 1 that will both be an immediate impact on the field and not waste too much time trying to enlarge his checkbook. 

The favorites of Andre Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Matthew Stafford to be picked No. 1 are obviously not the only story; however, once the Lions can decide on who is that top guy is will set the tone on who else the Lions will take back to Detroit in April.