Who Should The Lions Take #1?

Drew RappleyContributor IFebruary 18, 2009

Ahh, yes...the #1 pick debate.

Football fans have debating who should Detroit take #1 for awhile now. Stafford, Andre Smith, Aaron Curry, names of that nature. Most "draft experts" have the Lions taking Stafford #1 or even Mark Sanchez.

Do not draft a Quarterback. No, Detroit had better not draft a Quarterback. But he's such a good quarterback; he's got a strong arm!

So did Joey Harrington.

What makes Stafford so special? Why should Lions fans and I be convinced that he's going to turn the Lions around? He has done nothing in big games over the course of his career at Georgia. If they draft him are they gonna automatically give him the starting job? Okay, Matthew here's the playbook now go win us the NFC North!

Yes, he's the popular pick, but a Quarterback is NOTHING without a good Offensive Line. O-Lines never get enough credit. Personally I think there are better Quarterbacks in the 2010 class, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are better choices. McCoy's a proven winner who is tough, can run it, or throw it.

The Lions need to focus on restructuring their Offensive and Defensive Lines. Those are the most important positions in Football. Offense's and Defense's cannot be successful without a good O/D Line. If you asked me who should Detroit draft #1, I say Andre Smith, or even reach for Jason Smith; he's a good risk to take. If you watched Lions games you knew that watching Detroit play defense was............disgusting. You wondered if they were even trying, or even competing.

Detroit already has their 2009 Starting Quarterback on their roster. Dan Orlovsky, but he's sooo dumb he stepped out of bounds during the Minnesota game, and he lost us the game!

Sure he did, but he also kept us in the game, gave them a chance to win same goes against the Bears, Colts, and the finale against the Packers. Three games the Lions could've won. I was especially impressed with him when they played Indianapolis. He seemed to have a good vibe going with Calvin Johnson and  had great protection (high five Jeff Backus!). He's a competitor, something the Lions need more of. He wants to win so bad; Detroit shouldn't draft Stafford and try to run him out of town. Give him a chance to let him earn the trust of his teammates and earn the starting job. He gives Detroit the best chance to be successful. Let him battle with Culpepper in training camp for the starting job. 

Who knows; maybe in 2020 or something, Detroit makes a Super Bowl?

Hey let a Lions fan dream!

But you, as a casual NFL Fan, will think to yourself, "Man, Dan Orlovsky is pretty good. Where did he go to college? USC, Florida, Texas?????"