The Rock: Predicting The Great One's Announcement at Raw 1000

Sean O'Neil@snoneilSenior Analyst IJuly 10, 2012

This week during Raw, The Rock sent out a tweet to millions confirming that The Great One will officially be returning to the WWE on the 1000th episode of Raw.

RAW's 1000th episode. The People's Champ returns.. As promised, my goal: THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP. #RELENTLESS

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) July 10, 2012

So what exactly does this mean? How is Rocky going to go after the WWE Championship if he's too busy filming movies all the time?

Here's my take.

The Rock has an extremely busy schedule the rest of 2012. He's about to start filming Fast 6 and he has more movies to shoot after that. But come 2013, Rocky is going to have some time to spare.

We all know that he is in for WrestleMania XXIX. He was there when they announced that it would be at MetLife Stadium and he said that he would electrify.

Speculation has been growing as to what his role is going to be, when he will come back to prepare for it and who he is going to wrestle.

I say he makes good on his promise to wrestle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, and on the 1000th episode of Raw, he makes an announcement which only proves how badly he wants the title.

On July 23, I predict that The Rock will officially enter the 2013 Royal Rumble six months in advance.


The crowd in St. Louis will erupt and Rocky will have officially made his mark on the most historic episode in the show's history.

In saying this, I'm not saying that The Rock will win the Royal Rumble just because he is entering it. We all know how the WWE doesn't want to be too predictable going into the Rumble...Jericho...

Rock being in the Royal Rumble gives the WWE two options:

1) Rock wins the Rumble and fights the WWE champion at WrestleMania, whether the champion is CM Punk, John Cena, Brock Lesnar or whoever else.

2) Rock enters the Rumble and dominates, only to get screwed over by the likes of Brock Lesnar or another wrestler, setting up a feud which will lead to a WrestleMania match.

Putting The Rock in the Royal Rumble match gives the WWE two strong options for WrestleMania feuds for Rocky and having him announce it at Raw 1000 gives fans six months of anticipation.

But who knows? Maybe Rock will simply come out on July 23rd and vow once again that he will be champion someday.

You know what I think is going to happen, but what do you think?