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'The Rock' Has Quite the Appetite

By Kyle Newport (Photo: Don Feria/Associated Press)

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    The Rock vs. Triple H from Backlash 2000

    by Erik Beaston

    There are times throughout World Wrestling Entertainment history in which the annual April pay-per-view, be it Backlash or Extreme Rules, overshadows WrestleMania... Read More »

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    Early Predictions for 2016's WrestleMania

    by Brad Jones

    On Sunday night, WWE pulled out all the stops to put on a WrestleMania worthy of the hype—and such a home run will always spark speculation as to how things will be topped next year... Read More »

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    The Rock Returns to SNL

    by Arman Walia

    Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time, and boy, he did not disappoint. From a hilarious WWE promo to the return of "The Rock Obama," Johnson went all out...... Read More »

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    WWE Legends Overdue for HOF

    by Team Stream Now

    The 2015 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony is in the books and was highlighted by the inductions of Kevin Nash and Randy "Macho Man" Savage. It was a memorable evening, but there are still several deser... Read More »

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    Viewer's Guide to WWE WrestleMania 31

    by Brian Mazique

    Is this the year the WWE tries to blow our minds with a bevy of twists and turns to main storylines? It would be awesome if that were the theme of WrestleMania 31... Read More »