Here Come Da Fwy-Ers: The Seventh Bald Prophet Bracket Projection

Marc DaleyAnalyst IFebruary 16, 2009

Last four teams to run out for tuxedos: Providence, UNLV, Florida, and Wisconsin. The Friars are 8-5 in the Big East. UNLV beat Louisville and sits as a solid fourth in the up-and-coming Mountain West. Florida is sketchy following a loss to moribund Georgia on the road but are still young and dangerous, much like a teenager with a newly minted driver's license. Wisconsin has gotten their act together and has a 29 RPI.

Last four teams to hope to crash in bad tuxedo t-shirts: Cincinnati, Maryland, Penn State, and Southern Cal.  Southern Cal drops out following two straight losses as the divas have to figure out to play together. Cincinnati isn't quite there—yet.  Penn State has a decent record but a lousy RPI in the 70s. Maryland could be one to watch as they have jelled following a vote of confidence by the AD for Gary Williams.


1 UConn v 16 Morgan State

2 Duke v 15 Robert Morris

3 Marquette v 14 Cornell

4 Clemson v 13 Buffalo

5 LSU v 12 Wisconsin

6 Ohio State v 11 Temple

7 UCLA v 10 Siena

8 Utah v 9 Texas




1 UNC v 16 Play-In (Cal State-Northridge v Alabama St.)

2 Louisville v 15 Morehead State

3 Illinois v 14 Vermont

4 Xavier v 13 Northern Iowa

5 Washington v 12 Florida

6 Florida State v 11 San Diego State

7 Butler v 10 Arizona

8 Syracuse v 9 Tennessee




1 Pitt v 16 Radford

2 Michigan State v 15 Sam Houston State

3 Kansas v 14 American

4 Arizona State v 13 VCU

5 Wake Forest v 12 UNLV

6 Dayton v 11 Virginia Tech

7 South Carolina v 10 West Virginia

8 Minnesota v 9 Utah State




1 Oklahoma v 16 Jacksonville

2 Memphis v 15 North Dakota State

3 Villanova v 14 Weber State

4 Missouri v 13 Arkansas-Little Rock

5 Purdue v 12 Providence

6 Cal v 11 Kentucky

7 Gonzaga v 10 BYU

8 Davidson v 9 Boston College