WWE: The Divas Division Is in Big, Big Trouble. What Is the Solution?

Dave LeonContributor IIIJune 29, 2012

Warning: Grumpy Old Man rant ahead.

The news of Kelly Kelly signing a long-term contract with WWE got me to thinking. It made me sad to realize that I can name the number of "wrestlers" on the current Divas roster on one hand.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

The rest? Well, at least they look nice in bikinis, bunny outfits, prison jumpsuits or whatever ridiculous gimmick creative comes up with for the group atrocities they try to pass off as matches every Monday.

90 percent of the Divas roster couldn't put on a presentable one-on-one match if their lives depended on it.

Am I the only one who remembers the days when women's wrestling was entertaining? Remember Lita? Trish Stratus? Ivory? And let's not forget the old-school ladies like Moolah and Wendy Richter. Even a lesser-known lady like Jazz, while not overly popular, was a good wrestler.

I miss the days when it wasn't a bunch of models with the charisma of a tube of toothpaste running the ropes with no intensity and throwing forearms weaker than something my grandmother could have managed.

Yes, there are exceptions to the "models shouldn't wrestle" rule, Trish being the primary example. But how many others can you name? Christy Hemme looked great, but she was not a great worker. Same goes for Torrie Wilson. Candice Michelle falls under "missed opportunities" because of her injuries. I don't think she ever realized her full potential.

Can this change? Of course. It took a while for Trish to climb the ladder from just another pretty face to someone whose segments were worth watching. The sad thing is, the aforementioned two ladies aside, I don't know of anyone else who has that potential. For example, Kelly Kelly has been around for years and has not improved one iota. The Divas matches as a whole are unwatchable.

What do you think would breathe new life into the division?