Dear Jets, Please Do Not Get Kurt Warner

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2009

Kurt Warner's agent said today that Kurt Warner is going to keep an "open mind" about the Jets. Here is why I do not want Kurt.

My first reason is, yes, he is old. He is 37. Favre was 38 when he came to the Jets. Odds are we are just going to get one year out of him. I do not want to go through the same thing that we did with Favre. I am done with quarterbacks over 35. It is time to look toward the future.

Another reason is, I think there are better options. There is no point in getting another 37-year-old. We should know by now. We should get someone in their 20s, who we know we can get a good amount of years with.

Like Kellen Clemens.

Yes, they went 3-5 under him. But people forget he was sacked the most times on average a game. Also, he should have been 4-4 if Justin McCariens had a pair of hands.

We could also look to free agency. A couple of options I like are Byron Leftwhich or Derek Anderson. We could also look toward the draft and get a rookie we know we can get a good solid amount of years with, such as Mark Sanchez. All these options I would love more than to get Kurt Warner

Another reason is, he probably won't have the same success if he came to the Jets.  Yes, he made the Super Bowl and almost won. People forget Favre almost made the Super Bowl before he came to the Jets.

Also, you have to consider he had Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin as his wide receivers, while if he came here he would have Jerricho Cotchery or Laveranues Coles. Larry and Anquan were both starting Pro Bowl wide receivers, while Jerricho or Laveranues cracked 1,000 receiving yards this year.  



Cole Tessler


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