Marking Out: Cena, Laurinaitis and Austin Powers?

Ryan SzAnalyst IIMay 15, 2012

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Marking Out. Raw was in full build up mode as the WWE heads into Over the Limit this Sunday, especially for the match between John Cena and John Laurinaitis. In the last edition of Marking out, I wrote that this feud may be this generation's equivalent of Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon, not in marketability and profit, but in that the top face takes on the super evil corporate suit.


And if that is what the WWE is going for it's working, especially for Laurinaitis who became a whole new level of heel on Monday night when he fired the Big Show. In what ended up being a very uncomfortable TV moment, which goes to show how well both Laurinaitis and Big Show were able to work kayfabe, Laurinaitis had Big Show on his knees begging for his job. In what could seem a very legitimate speech by the Big Show about why he wrestles, Laurinaitis still fired him for mocking his voice which only added more hatred towards him on top of what has built up for the past year. Show has become the lovable giant that fans want to cheer for and with his firing, they want the head of Laurinaitis more than ever.


Laurinaitis would then break away completely from the "People Power" motto that he has been using for the past couple months and instead call everyone from the Big Show to Cena to the fans losers, and that they are necessary in this world in order to prove that he is a winner. Then came the time for Laurinaitis to make his big announcement about his match with Cena, in which is was inevitably interrupted by Cena before any announcement could be made. What followed could only be described as a fantastic fusion of great moments from comedy movie history.


Before Laurinaitis could even begin to speak after being addressed by Cena, Cena was calling him a loser, not just once, or twice, but a buuuunnnnnchh of times. The way he carried the word was very much similar to the way that Jim Carrey would famously do in the Ace Ventura movies. And then with each loser chant would come more teasing from Cena in a way very similar to the dialogues between Dr. Evil and his son Scott and “zipping it.”


The segment would end with Eve interrupting Laurinaitis to give him a letter from the WWE Board of Directors who stated that the match between Cena and Laurinaitis would be a regular singles match with no special referee, no one outside the ring, and no interference. If anyone is to interfere in the match they would be immediately fired and more importantly to the story, if Laurinaitis loses, he will be fired.


And for all intents and purposes, the segment worked because it gave the fans some retribution against Laurinaitis for firing Big Show, and the excitement is there to want Cena to win so that Laurinaitis can be future endeavored himself. The one wrinkle in this situation is the recently fired Big Show. The big speculation (no pun intended) is that Big Show would make a heel turn on Sunday and help Laurinaitis win the match and get his job back, and it would work since the Big Show has already been fired so he has nothing to lose. Other names that has been thrown around include Brock Lesnar who had “quit” after getting into a fight with Triple H a couple weeks ago, or even Batista whom many think could make a surprise return since other superstars have made returns to the ring recently.


The other positive to the whole thing was that it seems that the WWE really hit this one out of the park. It would seem nearly impossible to screw this situation up outside of doing something really cartoonish similar to when Cena taped Batista's feet to win a Last Man Standing Match or Big Show losing the table match because his weight broke the table from standing on it. Other than that, fans shouldn't find it hard to want to see more from this feud, even if Laurinaitis finds a way to win and keep his job.


The only problem here is how the story would play out if there was outside interference from any of these men. What would happen to Laurinaitis? Would the Board still fire him or would it lead to another match at the next PPV, maybe a cage match so that there couldn't be any interference for certain? Only time will tell and I for one am excited to see what happens.