Oakland Raiders To Get Cable Installed

Tony CContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

Al Davis hasn't gone public with his overhead projector yet and made it official, and actually denies it. But according to ESPN's Michael Smith, it's pretty much a done deal, the Cable-guy will be staying in Oakland.

Anybody that follows the the Raiders or just the NFL in general knows the Raiders (Al Davis) has a way of doing things on his own terms. He's most likely waiting until after the Super Bowl so the spotlight can be primarily on him when he makes the not-so-surprising announcement.

Now, I'm not going to lie; for a while there, after Gruden and Bruce Allen got fired, I thought maybe there would be a Chucky-Raider reunion. Well, as I realized the chances of that happening were as good as the Lions being good again anytime soon, I moved on. And I'm glad I did. I believe the Raiders' best chances at success will be to bring back Tom Cable.

Sure, the Raiders finished 5-11, but their morale was that of a playoff bound team. That's because Tom Cable brings the passion and the desire to play hard back to the Raiders. Cable was built to be the Raiders coach and has proved that week after week since taking over for the once admired Lane Kiffin.

Even when they were getting blanked by the Falcons and owned by the Patriots, they still fought until the end. And that's what the Raiders have been lacking for so many years now. Commitment and the will to finish.

Tom proved in the last few weeks that the Raiders have what it takes to be a great team again. We saw JaMarcus start to come into his own and take the reins of the offense. Young players such as Johnny Lee Higgins and Chaz Schilens showed that they can step up and be big play makers.

The offensive line proved they could block and protect Russel and open up running lanes.

The pieces are all there. The Raiders just didn't know how to put the puzzle together. I haven't been this excited for a coach since Jon Gruden took over. All that remains is for Tom to finish sculpting his supporting cast and look forward to 2009, when we see the Silver & Black return to glory!

As Mike Ditka said on the first Monday night of the season, the league is a better place when the Raiders are good.

Just Win, Baby!