WWE Breaking News: WWE Tough Enough Winner Andy Levine Released

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIApril 23, 2012

Andy Levine with the Host and man who picked him to win Tough Enough, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Andy Levine with the Host and man who picked him to win Tough Enough, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

You read that right: The latest winner of WWE Tough Enough, Andy Levine has been released from his WWE contract today. Levine had been wrestling in WWE's developmental organization, Florida Championship Wrestling.

Under the ring name Kevin Hackman, Levine has been getting primed for his start in the WWE but it appears that will never come to fruition. Here is the official statement from Ring Side News:

Andy Levine, winner of the most recent season of Tough Enough, has been released by WWE. 

Leavine had actually been signed to a WWE developmental contract before the 2010 season of Tough Enough. After winning the reality competition, he was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling, where he wrestled as Kevin Hackman. 

He was suspended for 30 days last August for violating WWE’s Talent Wellness Program. 

It is unknown if that suspension was the cause of his release or if he violated the policy a second time.

Levine appears to be okay with what has happened and to have accepted that he is not ready for a run in the largest wrestling organization in the world, as shown in this tweet:

"On my way to acquire some much needed experience. I'm just gettin' started in this business."

It appears WWE released Levine due to his inexperience and unimpressive ring work, but of course this is just speculation.

On a personal note, I never like Andy and thought his whole "Silent Rage" gimmick was horrendous.

I always thought that Luke Robinson should have won and it was another example of WWE's fascination with big men. It also puts another black mark on Tough Enough, as none of their winners have ever amounted to anything.