Scott Pioli: Chief-bound?

NFLGridironGabSenior Analyst IJanuary 7, 2009

The moment that the regular season concluded, there were two legitimate suitors in the Scott Pioli sweepstakes— Cleveland and Kansas City.

Because Browns owner Randy Lerner hired a head coach in Eric Mangini prior to hunting for someone to lead his front office, he may have played himself out of contention with Piloli.

Mangini and Pioli have a history together, but after the "Spygate" debacle, it is hard to imagine these two working together again. Thus, Cleveland should be eliminated from the Pioli lottery, with the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs the luck of the draw.

While Detroit remains a possibility, the job in Kansas City appears to be much more attractive. He would have more cap space to work with if he chose the Chiefs as well as less of a problem rebuilding. The Chiefs are a year into their rebuilding efforts.

The Lions, on the other hand, need to be blown up from the inside out, not to mention they have the dubious distinction of going 0-16. The Chiefs have a fan base that has produced a sellout streak spanning over 15 years even with hardship on the field.

In addition, the Chiefs will be playing in a completely renovated Arrowhead Stadium in 2010. With that being said, a Pioli—Chiefs marriage makes too much sense not to happen.

The only other real possibility is for Pioli to return to the Patriots and remain there as head coach Bill Belichick's right hand man. Belichick has complete control over football operations.

Pioli has turned down jobs with the Giants and the Falcons in past years, but this time around, Pioli appears to want to make a name for himself since arriving in New England. Rumors have swirled that Pioli may want complete control of football operations wherever he goes, but Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has stated that he will seperate the president and general manager positions, both of which were previously held by Carl Peterson.

Pioli's camp has denied the rumors.

What is a fact is that Pioli will want complete control over the hiring and firing of coaches and is said to want to surround himself with "his people". This is obviously bad news for Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards. Edwards has no connection to Pioli and has not added to his resume the past two seasons.

To add insult to injury, Pioli has been rumored to want to bring current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as his coach wherever he might end up.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt interviewed Pioli earlier this week and while Pioli contemplates his decision, Hunt will be interviewing other candidates. Luckily for Pioli, no one else in the NFL carries the resume that Pioli has built up.

The bottom line is that the job is Pioli's if he truly wants it.