NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Must Trade Ramon Sessions

Michael KeefeContributor IIIFebruary 6, 2012

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 26:  Ramon Sessions #3 of the Cleveland Cavaliers brings the ball up court as Tristan Thompson #13 looks on against the Toronto Raptors during the season opener at Quicken Loans Arena on December 26, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)
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Ramon Sessions, the talented backup point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is more valuable as a trade piece than he is as a part of the current or future Cavaliers.

In the midst of a rebuilding process, a team like the Cavaliers must evaluate their current roster and determine which players are a part of the long-term solution. This young Cavaliers team has several talented players that might not be a part of that long-term success and who can be moved for future assets.

Sessions is one of the players who should draw a solid return for the Cavaliers, and therefore, should be traded.

Sessions has been a good player for the Cavaliers over the past two seasons, averaging about 11 points and five assists per game. This season, he has been the court general for one of the best bench units in the NBA

Sessions' ability to score in the lane, make free throws and efficiently lead other players should make him the object of desire for several teams looking for backcourt help at the trade deadline. 

So why would the Cavaliers want to trade him? 

Sessions is a really nice piece for a team that is ready to contend. For the Cavaliers, trading him would be more about acquiring building blocks for the future rather than getting rid of a player who doesn't fit.

Sessions clearly does fit. It would be hard to look at a player like him and say anything otherwise. He's been willing to take a backseat to a 19-year-old rookie with class and pride. He plays hard night in and night out off the bench and has had a great attitude this whole season.

It's because of the work he has put in and the admiration he has garnered that the Cavaliers should trade Sessions soon. His value is high right now, and there are teams out there desperately searching, not just for a point guard, but for a high character player. 

Sessions' game has a ceiling, and it's not where it would need to be to make him an untradeable. A mediocre shooter at best, Sessions doesn't have the skill it takes to make sure the team gets points when other players around him are struggling.

Defensively, Sessions is downright bad. Though he will get the occasional steal, Sessions has real trouble staying in front of the quick and shifty point guards in the NBA.

These factors add up to Sessions being a solid role player in the NBA. If the Cavaliers are going to continue their quick track to contending again, they can't afford to hang on to role players just because they are pretty good. There are many teams in the NBA, who believe they can contend this year, and who need help at the lead guard spot.

Finding one of those teams will mean that the Cavaliers will be able to get a maximum return, and more pieces to go along with Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson to build this franchise around.  

Though he's not a spectacular player or a superstar, Sessions has the skills required to be a very good player in the league for years. Unfortunately for Sessions' fans in Cleveland, the Cavs are a team now that needs to trade good players and take a chance that they might wind up with great ones.