1. Ramon Sessions comes flying in for the 1-handed hammer! That one had the entire #Wizards bench on their feet! #WizSixers

  2. Ramon Sessions has 11 assists tonight. That means you can call him Ramon Sess11ons.

  3. We're doing player previews on some of the team's critical role players this season. First up: Ramon Sessions. https://t.co/RaHZjjok8d

  4. First off the bench for the #Wizards, Drew Gooden III and Ramon Sessions, in for Hump and Wall #WizMagic

  5. Ramon Sessions is finishing at the rim through contact. This is good.

  6. AND 1!!!! Ramon Sessions cuts the #Bucks lead to 36-32 with 10 min. left as the #Wizards are charging back. #WizardsTalk

  7. Ramon Sessions with the breakaway slam! That cuts the #Bucks lead to 49-44 with 5:58 left in the 1st half. #WizardsTalk

  8. Sessions with a three! something about class and ramon's last name

  9. Ramon Sessions led the second unit with 23 points off the bench Postgame: https://t.co/Fb9s8epOg2 #WizBucks https://t.co/YEVArQji4A

  10. If Ramon Sessions continues to finish his drives to the basket at this rate he's going to score a lot more than last season. #analysis

  11. Ramon & the Jets >> Sessions #HotTake, And-1 puts #Wizards up 40-37, 8:35 left in 2nd. WAS up 12-2 on FB points, 18-8 on points in paint.

  12. on my theScore app right now: "ramon sessions misses a layup from 1 foot out. (0:32)" -_____-

  13. Ramon Sessions isn't surprised how #Magic respond to Scott Skiles https://t.co/tbzkqG9y7E #WizardsTalk https://t.co/IKdlESsbiS

  14. Ramon Sessions collecting FTs like: https://t.co/fM5uLIpwiM

  15. Ramon Sessions is a master at getting to the line. He's taking his 9th and 10th free throws as we speak #WizardsTalk