5 Factors Kenyon Martin Brings to Los Angeles Clippers

Vaughn JohnsonCorrespondent IIFebruary 3, 2012

5 Factors Kenyon Martin Brings to Los Angeles Clippers

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    Former Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets forward Kenyon Martin has been allowed out of his contract with the Xinjiang Tigers in China.

    Coming back to the States, Martin almost immediately agreed to a mid-level deal with the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday.

    Martin, 34, instantly brings a numerous amount of factors to the Clippers team, which will make them a serious contender to win the Western Conference this season.

    A lot of people are wondering whether Martin will fit in with "Lob City" moving forward.

    I believe he will and here are five reasons why.

Post Defense

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    Kenyon Martin has always been a good, physical presence down in the paint, something the Clippers already have with DeAndre Jordan to a certain extent.

    But having more good post defenders is never a bad thing.

    The Clippers will have to worry about the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks in their division, who all have post players who could give the Clippers trouble in the playoffs.

    Martin will be able to help Jordan, as well as take pressure off of Blake Griffin on the defensive end.


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    Even if Kenyon Martin is giving up some points on defense, it will not come easy for the opposition.

    Martin is never one to shy away from contact, and at the very least, you know Martin is going to put a body on his man and make him work for every single inch.

    He will bring a different side to the usually finesse of "Lob City."

    Martin will bring a mean streak that is required to win in the NBA, especially come playoff time.

More Veteran Leadership

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    The Clippers already have veteran leadership with guard Chauncey Billups. But then again, more veteran leadership is never a bad thing, especially when you mix it with the great, young talent they already have in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

    Martin, 34, who has played in numerous playoff series and even helped the Nets reach two consecutive NBA Finals, brings that playoff experience that the Clippers lack in their youngsters.

    Martin can help the Clippers by showing the rest of the team, not only what it takes to get into the playoffs, but also how to win once in.

Another Fast-Break Option

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    Kenyon Martin may be a step or two slower than what he used to be, but he can still make a difference on the fast break for Lob City.

    Blake Griffin may not like the term Lob City, but when you have another guy who can dunk on the team, it only makes sense.

    Martin may be up in age, but he's not so old that he'll being the Clippers offense to a screeching halt.


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    The Clippers have a good amount of swagger on the roster, but it is going to go through the roof with Kenyon Martin on the roster.

    Part of winning during the playoffs is feeling and knowing that you can win.

    When the Clippers go up against teams in the playoffs, it's going to come down to things that you can't always measure on a stat sheet.

    Swagger and confidence going into the games can help teams win before they even step on the floor.

    Martin brings that moxie that is needed for championship teams.

    The Mavericks had it with Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler last season.

    Martin could do the same for the Clippers.