Super Bowl 2012: Stupid Bets Begin as Birdman Promises $5 Million on Pats

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 26, 2012

The Super Bowl is a time to party, over-analyze one game and eat copious amounts of food that come in bags. It is also a time for rich people to throw away their money. 

It's time for part-time gamblers and full-fledged degenerates alike to mosey down to the computer or the actual Sin City and place some bets. 

I have no problem in laying down whatever your bank account can handle if betting is the spice you need in your life. I do, however, find it ridiculous to plunk down $5 million on anything. It seems that is what American rapper, businessman and record producer Birdman is set to do. 

Robert Littal of Black Sports Online found a tweet from Birdman and has just one question: Let us see your betting slip. Here is the tweet from Birdman, which contains offensive language. 

Now comes the betting portion of the proceedings. The Patriots are currently going of as -3 favorites, according to, against a team that many experts are piking. The dome and turf in Indianapolis favors the Patriots, but that undersells Eli Manning and a prolific Giants offense immensely. 

The Patriots defense is suspect, and the Giants have an underrated defense. None of that matters, though. We could spend all day picking apart Birdman and how intelligent it is that he throw $5 million at one bet. 

The fact is, there is nothing intelligent about it. Anything can happen in the Super Bowl. It's one game, and as we learned from Al Pacino taking pretty much any job, Any Given Sunday, a lesser team can prevail. 

Then comes the notion that Birdman made his money; he should be able to blow it as he sees fit. I agree, but can we all agree that he is indeed blowing it?

That is a hefty chunk of change that saddens me to be placed down as a status symbol. Why proclaim that you are going to throw down $5 million to the masses? It's so people will know that you have more than that, and the lump sum that we all could only dream of having is thrown in our faces. 

He is making it rain on Twitter, and none of us have to like it. Go ahead and bet your millions. Hell, burn it like the $100 Floyd Mayweather does. I just wish you did it in private. 

The only thing that should be announced and applauded is when you accomplish something, not when you burn millions. Like Chris Rock says, there is wealth and there is rich. Birdman will always be just rich.