Why Jimmer Is the Next Tebow: Comparing/Contrasting 2 Irresistible Athletes

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Why Jimmer Is the Next Tebow: Comparing/Contrasting 2 Irresistible Athletes

Just for the sake of transparency, this idea has been thrown out before but hasn't been updated since Jimmer was drafted and Tebow became the intensely scrutinized version of himself that he is today. 

I'm a Raiders fan, so watching Tim Tebow beat the Steelers in OT was especially disarming.  It was also exciting, enthralling, exhilarating and slightly vomit-inducing.  The point is, Tim Tebow is hyper-polarizing and everyone seems to have a very stubborn feeling about him.  How can one dude (who's not the best at his position) seriously command 9,420 tweets per second?!?!?

Since we (the media) have beaten the Tim Tebow thing further into the ground than I can ever remember happening before, I'm going to assume you know everything about this dude.  

Since I'm also a Sacramento Kings fan and I love Jimmer Fredette like many crazies love Tim Tebow, I can at least relate a little bit.  There seems to be a shock value when athletes like these two perform so well—perhaps we don't expect them to given their backgrounds and statures.  (I'm not outright saying that white athletes performing well is always shocking, but there is some weird shock value that we experience as sports fans).

I truly believe Jimmer is the next Tebow.  I don't think it's actually going to happen in the same insane and unpredictable way that it did to the Broncos' QB, but I think Jimmer has more potential for it than anybody. Here's seven reasons why. 

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