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Baltimore born and bred, living in San Francisco. Doing sports full-time and loving every minute of it.

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  • Tom Firme posted 1712 days ago

    Tom Firme

    Hey, Joe, I have an article that I published about 16 hours ago that hasn't been edited. Could you see that it gets a set of eyes on it? Below is the link.


  • Justin Sparks posted 1939 days ago

    Justin Sparks

    Thanks Joseph. Did not catch those.

  • Nina Meredith posted 2253 days ago

    Nina Meredith

    The 4/20 article was brilliant humor! Great job, Joseph!

  • Sayre Bedinger posted 2848 days ago

    Sayre Bedinger

    Thanks for the edit and feedback Joseph! I'm glad you like the article!

  • Bryan Gonzalez posted 2848 days ago

    Bryan  Gonzalez

    thanks for the edit and comments!

  • Tim McGhee posted 2849 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Thanks for the edit and the comments. You and all the editors are really helpful.


  • Sayre Bedinger posted 2849 days ago

    Sayre Bedinger

    Thanks for the edit and feedback man, I really appreciate it

  • George McGinnie posted 2852 days ago

    George McGinnie

    Thank you for the edits. They all look good to me!

  • Justin Crawford posted 2855 days ago

    Justin Crawford

    Thanks for the edit and feedback.

  • Kara Martin posted 2858 days ago

    Kara Martin

    Appreciate the edits & the feedback very much!