NBA Free Agents: Kwame Brown Signs with the Golden State Warriors

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NBA Free Agents: Kwame Brown Signs with the Golden State Warriors
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David Stern, where are you when we need you?

It is reported that the Golden State Warriors have signed Kwame Brown to a one-year deal worth $7 million.

I guess he wouldn’t have taken anything lower? Were their multiple bids for him?

It seems like an awful lot of money for a guy with career averages of 6.8 points per game and 5.6 rebounds.

Now, somehow Brown has managed to guarantee himself over $58 million dollars with this new deal.

The NBA lockout it looking worse by the hour.

Brown does give the Warriors depth and a big body down low, but that’s about it. Granted, the Warriors were running out of options and didn’t want to come away with nothing, although this was as close to getting nothing as it comes.

This wouldn’t be that bad a signing it the money weren’t so high, what’s going to happen when Dorell Wright and Stephen Curry realize that, “Hey, wait, this guy is making more than both of us combined?”

I’m not quite sure how this deal is going to work in the Warriors' favor other than it will free up money next season and that it’s only a one-year deal.

Maybe playing against Brown every day will bring Andris Biedrins' confidence back?

Hard to see this signing being positive at all, especially with a young impressionable big man in Jeremy Tyler, who looks like he can be the real deal soon. Now he has not just Biedrins to learn from, but Brown as well? At least Brown can teach him what not to do, I guess.

This is yet another uphill battle for new head coach Mark Jackson, but if anyone can get the most out of Brown, it looks like it is him.

Well, you hope.

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