"We Can Learn From Children"

Roslyn KirstenCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2008

Soccer is an age old sporting game that has and always will be loved by all of mankind through the generations, in fact, I think SOCCER WILL BE PLAYED IN HEAVEN just without the Coaches and Managers.

The love for that ball is what entices a little boy. All he want's to do is play, winning does'nt motivate him, money does'nt move him and people don't control him.

A little boy simply dreams of being happy on that soccer field; fun, enjoyment and making his parents proud is all that matters to him whether his team wins or looses' he just loves kicking the ball to score a goal.

Even without soccer boots on his feet, he simply does his best...why as adults does everything become so complicated? The little boy grows up, gets his first pair of soccer boots and leather soccer ball...wow, watch him go, practicing, sacrificing, playing to win and to be the best. Remember?

Yes, he is all grown up but has he really? Experience is the best teacher but has he learnt' the lessons' LIFE has tried to teach him? Why is he stepping on People to get ahead?

Everyone wants relashionship's that are authentic, sincere, honest and true, so why is it now more about the money and no longer about simple love and respect for one another and passion to just kick the ball.

Now he has a price tag, make your millions that's o.k, but, don't lose your character along the way! Never allow fame and fortune to take from you what life is truly all about; where it all began...In the heart of a little boy's dream. With Character intact, Destiny becomes Real...Finish Strong for the sake of our children!

Pass down true success: Strong Character with integrity...for the love of the game!