WWE News: Major Update on Kharma, Her Pregnancy, Return and WWE Future

Drake OzSenior Writer IIDecember 7, 2011

Kharma, formerly known as Awesome Kong in TNA, made her WWE debut in May 2011 and looked poised to become the focal point of the Divas division. 

But just three weeks later, Kharma randomly started crying on an episode of Monday Night Raw, and the following week, she revealed that she was legitimately pregnant and would have to take what could be a year-long hiatus from the WWE. 

We haven’t heard or seen from Kharma on WWE TV since then, so we’ve been unsure of what’s going on with her. But we now have the latest update on Kharma and her WWE future. 

From F4Wonline.com (via WrestleNewz.com)

TMZ has a new report up on WWE Diva Kharma getting engaged. She was proposed to by her fiance a few months back and said yes. Her engagement ring is actually a wrestling ring with a diamond, set inside of a normal ring. 

You can see a photo of her ring here on WNZ.

Kharma, who is still a member of WWE’s roster, has been on maternity leave since earlier this year. 

No official date has been set for the wedding yet but TMZ reports that Kharma is looking to tie the knot in June of 2012.

Before this report, there had been some chatter within WWE about Kharma’s future with WWE. It was pointed out by a source that most women don’t have their first child and just jump back into a job where they’re on the road four days out of a week traveling and working. At the same time, most people expect her back some time. 

Well, I think a lot of us failed to sit back and really think about how big of a deal it was when Kharma got pregnant. Many of us assumed that she would be back just a month or two after she gave birth, and not miss a beat. 

But we have to realize that Kharma will be out for the better part of a year, and there’s a good chance she’ll have quite a bit of ring rust once she is able to actually get in the ring. That’s not even what we should really pay attention to, though. 

The fact is that Kharma is now a new mother, and mothers will week-old children can’t be on the road for 80 percent of the year or take their newborns on the road with them when they travel. Well, at least good mothers can’t. 

Kharma may physically be able to return to the WWE shortly after giving birth, but mentally, she may not want to leave her child at home while she gets back on the road. 

Therefore, it could be a very, very long time before we see Kharma back in a WWE ring, if we ever see her there at all. 

Talk about bad timing. The Divas division could definitely use her at the moment.