Tony Romo: Pop Culture Phenom...Fizzled?

yungCaucasoid ...Correspondent IDecember 26, 2008

How can one forget it, a few seasons ago, fresh off a Cowboy's victory in which new starting QB-Romo shined; Parcells had a post game conference question posed, in which some clownly reporter asked him *What did he think of the new Pop Culture Phenomena in his starting line-up* was Classical!

The Great Tuna looked at the harlequin-esque reporter, and said something to the effect of 'not knowing what the heck the reporter was talking about'.  Even asked, what was a Pop Culture Phenomena?  Unfortunately, a few minutes later, Parcells made the same mistake that most all other pop-cultured Americans have made; 

He realized that Jerry Jones was watching, along with the rest of America that loves to give that 'ole trusty "undeserved pass" whenever possible, to the quintessential White guy that hoodwinks his way into the spotlight, a la Tony Romo, and...joined in on the hype.  Poor tuna...he never had the Pop Culturized-Romo look in his eyes...he's not a good liar!

I was to lay out detailed proof of his underachievement and competence challenges, until I realized, you all can serve as EXACTLY THAT for me.  You saw how he single- handedly ended the Cowboy's playoff-season recently, on a kicking play.  You see his lame-duck interceptions, this year, which leave the coaches bewildered.  You see Romo's Division I-AA competence, which causes Terrell Owens to be a sacrifice, in order to not discuss it. 

Plus, that last Cowboy's game, really and truly left no more to be said anyway. 

Now, if we can only get NFL on Fox to see that.  Then we'll be onto some real truth-telling effects! 

Because, if I have to sit through another special segment where Fox-Sports sets aside post-game time exclusively for Buck/Aikman to make excuses for Romo's incompetence...I'm going to plant gun powder at the new stadium!!

That's whale blubber, you know, hahaha! 

Maybe Romo won't display any this week.