WWE: The Return of Kane and How He Could Make a Huge Impact

Drake OzSenior Writer IINovember 30, 2011

We don’t know when or where it will happen, but we do know that Kane is coming back. 

Oh yeah, much to the delight of Kane fans across the country, he’s probably going to be wearing his mask, too. 

The WWE has been promoting the upcoming return of “The Big Red Monster” with the video below that seems to indicate that Kane will bring back the mask that made him famous and make a huge impact when he does so.

Kane has been out of action since the end of July when Mark Henry sidelined him with a storyline injury, and we’ve all been anxiously waiting for him to come back.

I thought he’d return to destroy Henry at Survivor Series, but now I’m glad he didn’t because these return promos have me more excited than any actual surprise return likely would have. 

Thousands, if not millions, of fans have called for Kane to start wearing the mask again, and now, it’s a waiting game to see if that’s what will happen. 

But, in my opinion, it has to. 

Kane without a mask is just Kane, another big man in a company that’s full of them. But masked Kane is someone who people might actually fear, the true “Big Red Monster” and the scariest dude in all of the WWE. 

His mask is what’s been missing from his character from the last several years, and it’s the only thing that can help him regain that mysterious aura he once had.

Just bringing back masked Kane in general is going to be a huge move for the WWE that—as you can already see—is going to get a lot of people talking. 

But that buzz will die down quickly if that huge return doesn’t lead to some sort of huge storyline, and that could be where that “other” promo video the WWE has been running comes in. 

Many are hoping that this cryptic promo will lead to Chris Jericho returning to the WWE, but I just don’t think that’s the case. I believe this odd video is meant for one of the most legendary performers in WWE history, The Undertaker. 

Why? Because the fact that Kane’s return promo started airing at the same time as this “Second 2012” one is more than just a mere coincidence. 

It’s no secret that both Kane and The Undertaker are nearing the end of their Hall of Fame careers. They are two of the longest-tenured stars in the WWE, their bodies are banged up and they’re getting up there in age. 

One other thing they have in common? As we all know, they’re storyline brothers. 

Kane and The Undertaker have crossed paths numerous times throughout their careers, most recently feuding last fall when Kane was holding the World Heavyweight Championship. So, it would only be fitting if one or both of their careers ended right where Kane’s started: With the two of them together. 

As the WWE builds toward what looks like the return of masked Kane and the anticipation for the “Second 2012” video continues, it seems to me—and maybe it’s just me—like Kane and The Undertaker are headed for a career-ending showdown. 

There are literally thousands of different ways this could go down, but here’s one way to do it: Masked Kane and Taker both return on Jan. 2, 2012, and the WWE then builds Kane up as a huge favorite to win the 2012 Royal Rumble while they do the same with Taker, who wants to wrestle for a World title in the final match of his career.

Kane enters the 30-man Rumble match early on, and in typical Kane fashion, eliminates a boatload of competitors. 

He makes it to the end of the match when entrant No. 30 is set to enter the bout. All of a sudden, The Undertaker makes his way to the ring to a thunderous ovation. He and Kane have a long staredown and then immediately go at it, with Kane eventually throwing The Undertaker out of the ring through some kind of fluke elimination. 

After Kane himself gets eliminated, the WWE then builds toward a Kane vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania 28, with Kane putting his career on the line and Undertaker putting his streak on the line in what he says will be his final match “no matter what.” The Undertaker then beats Kane, and both men call it a career. 

Now, I know we’ve seen Kane vs. Undertaker twice at WrestleMania already, but considering that no one’s going to end the streak anyway, it would only be fitting to allow two men who were somewhat inseparable throughout their WWE careers to end them by facing each other in their final match. 

And you know what? Even if my details aren’t exactly right, I think there’s a very possibility that something similar to this goes down. 

But one thing’s for sure: Kane’s return will definitely be huge if it does.