With a Quick Right Cross, Zebras Assert Their Dominance Over Lesser Creatures

Bryan HollisterAnalyst IDecember 22, 2008

Who says refs are washed-up old geezers who shouldn't be in the line of fire?

From the looks of the above photo, I'd say they are more than capable of holding their own against the youngsters.

And with that bell, the fourth round is underway. Darby looks good; he's bouncing in and out, landing some good body blows and getting back out of range.

Yeah, John, he really seems to have the upper hand here. He's younger, in better shape, and has really listened to his corner well tonight; he's even taken advantage of the new rules concerning protective gear, and he is dressed out like an M1A1 tank in a combat zone.

That's for sure, Bill. It's gonna take quite an effort on the ref's part to get through all that armor.

Look at him circle, John! He's like a caged lion ready to pounce.

Ha-ha! No pun intended, right, Bill?

Actually, John, that was intended. They don't call the refs "zebras" for nothing, you know...They are DEAD MEAT if they get in the way out there!

That is SO true, Bill; those poor guys don't stand a chance!

Looks like Darby is trying to set him up for the big KO; yes, he's slowly working him into a corner...

HOLY CRAP! Did you SEE that!?!?

I sure did, Bill! Just as Darby moved in, the Ref ducked back and came out with a KILLER right cross!! It doesn't look like Darby is gonna get up from that one!!


Darby's hurt! Darby's hurt!! He's rolling around trying to find his legs, and they've already left the ring!


Look at the ref! He's dancing like he knows its over!!

9...10...HE'S OUT!!

UNBELIEVABLE! THIS IS NOT HOW WE THOUGHT THIS WOULD END! In a STUNNING upset, the REF wins by KNOCKOUT at 1:35 in the fourth round!

John, I have to say, I am amazed!!! would have thought the ref could get through all that gear?!?! This has GOT to be one of the BIGGEST upsets in sports history!!

I agree, Bill! Maybe Holyfield should hire this guy's trainer! He obviously knows how to train a champ!

NFL players take note: disputed calls will be dealt with accordingly.