Urban Meyer Ohio State: Denials Only Ignore the Inevitable for Ex-Florida Coach

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIINovember 26, 2011

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 30:  Head coach Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators calls out instructions during the game against the Georgia Bulldogs at EverBank Field on October 30, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It feels like we have been talking about Urban Meyer to Ohio State for close to forever now.

It leads me to ask just one question. How can all of these rumors and all this speculation turn out to be false?

The answer to that question is, likely, that it's all actually true.

Meyer to Ohio State may not be a done deal. He may be denying all of the reports that seem to surface daily.

However, it's gotten to the point where there are so many rumors that you have to start wondering if they are actually true.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd is just one of many reporters to chime in on the idea of Urban Meyer heading to Columbus to take over for Ohio State.

You can listen to his take on it here.

According to Cowherd's sources, the rumors are true and Meyer is only holding out of the announcement in respect for the fans and current team.

Take from it what you want. These rumors could end up being false.

However, it's becoming more and more difficult to deny the fact that they likely aren't.

I don't understand what Meyer would be accomplishing by with holding the information of the deal that is currently in the works.

It's possible that what Cowherd touches on is true. Perhaps he doesn't want to hurt the current team with all the drama.

However, I'd say that he is doing just that.

This team has been preparing for their huge matchup against rival Michigan all week. However, many of the questions targeted at the players have had to do with Meyer.

It seems to me that Meyer is really only denying the inevitable.

If he is going to end up coaching for Ohio State, just come out and say it already.

Hopefully an officially announcement will come within days after the Ohio State and Michigan game.

Then, finally, all of this speculation can end.