Houston Bowl Projection: Where Are the Cougars Going after Beating Tulsa?

Stephen UrbaniakCorrespondent INovember 25, 2011

TULSA, OK - NOVEMBER 25:  Quarterback Case Keenum #7 of the Houston Cougars looks to throw in the first half against Curnelius Arnick #32 of the Tulsa Hurricanes on November 25, 2011 at H.A. Chapman Stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Houston leads Tulsa 13-10 at the half.  (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Houston Cougars football team has beaten Tulsa today by a score of 48-16, completing their perfect season and matching the school's longest winning streak since 1991 in the process.

Led by QB Case Keenum's 457 yards passing and five touchdowns, the No. 8-ranked Cougars clinched a spot in the CUSA Conference championship game.

They are also possibly looking toward being this year's BCS-crasher by winning their conference title and hoping for an at-large bid to the more lucrative bowl games.

Houston has not gotten very much respect from the country this season, as they are not part of a BCS conference and thus doesn't qualify for an automatic bid unlike their power conference colleagues.

But that hasn't deterred the Cougars from striving to complete their undefeated season and put the finishing touches on a season that they hope will lead them to the BCS and to respectability and maybe even an invite from one of the power conferences in this age of re-alignment.

Predicting as to who the BCS will select is like finding a needle in a haystack.  They screw deserving teams over and pick ones who have been clearly inferior over the course of a season. 

With as much as the BCS and the voters hate on non-BCS teams, it makes it hard to project as to where those teams might go. 

If Houston wins the CUSA championship, they could wind up in the Orange Bowl against the ACC champion, or they could even end up in the Rose Bowl, as that's where all the non-BCS teams who are good enough to gain entry into the BCS end up.

A lot of people are probably going to argue that they should be considered for the BCS national championship game, but because of their conference status and the teams ahead of them in the national title picture, that will all but prevent them from qualifying for a title shot.