Beth Phoenix's Glam Slam and the Top 15 Diva Finishers of Past and Present

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent INovember 22, 2011

Beth Phoenix's Glam Slam and the Top 15 Diva Finishers of Past and Present

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    This past Sunday at the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series in Madison Square Garden, Beth Phoenix wowed us all by pulling out a Super Glam Slam from the top rope. The devastating maneuver got the Glamazon the win over Eve, and reminded us exactly why she and Natalya are the "Divas of Doom," not to mention that great moments can still happen in women's wrestling.

    But Beth is hardly the only Diva in WWE history with an entertaining, impressive or cringe-worthy finisher in her arsenal. Here are 15 Divas whose finishers have definitely helped them to hold their own inside the squared circle.

Kaitlyn: Full Nelson Bomb Lotus Lock

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    There's a good chance a lot of you aren't even aware that Kaitlyn uses this move. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea myself until I started compiling this slideshow.

    Kaitlyn has improved a lot since winning the all-Divas third season of NXT, but unfortunately a lot of us don't get to see that improvement as she mostly performs on the now online-exlcusive NXT, which is not watched by many fans. If she continues to improve and is given more airtime on SmackDown, she could very well become an extremely well-rounded competitor.

    Kaitlyn has a much more muscular build than most of the other Divas, not unlike Beth Phoenix or Natalya. Her strength allows this move to look much more effective than if it was being applied by a smaller Diva.

AJ: Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Armbar (Octopus Hold)

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    While Gail Kim did use this move first, I have chosen to have it represented by AJ as Gail Kim has another spot on this list.

    A lot of Divas—perhaps too many—use the tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but the majority of them use it as a takedown. AJ, on the other hand, makes it her own by transitioning it into an octopus hold.

    A lot of submission maneuvers can be visually boring, but by combining the octopus hold with a more visually exciting move like the tilt-a-whirl headscissors this makes for an interesting finisher. Hopefully AJ is heading toward a push on SmackDown, because we all know the Divas division could use it.

Chyna: Gorilla Press Slam

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    Chyna was the first woman wrestler in WWE to truly be recognized for her size and strength. She's the Ninth Wonder of the World, went toe-to-toe with the men on numerous occasions and is the only woman in WWE history to hold the Intercontinental Championship. She left a lasting impression on the business, and the Gorilla Press Slam clearly demonstrated her dominance over the other Divas of her time.

Jazz: Bitch Clamp

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    I think the name is really what makes this move.

    It's safe to assume that Beth Phoenix drew her inspiration for the Glam Slam from this move. While the Glam Slam does look more brutal in the end as it is transitioned into a sitout facebuster, the Bitch Clamp often looked genuinely painful, and Jazz did seem to elevate her victims a bit higher than Beth does.

Gail Kim: Eat Defeat

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    Gail Kim was a sorely misused talent, and it's a real loss for the fans of women's wrestling that WWE management didn't see that before she decided to jump ship.

    A boatload of Divas use facebreaker/facebuster variations for their finishers, but Gail Kim's Eat Defeat looks more effective and more technical as she's not just grabbing her opponents by the hair and slamming their face into the mat. Maryse sells it pretty well in this clip, as well.

Mickie James: Long Kiss Goodnight

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    Mickie was one of the most popular Divas in recent memory, so it is necessary to include her on this list.

    While Mickie's Mickie-DT was used much more frequently, I chose to include the Long Kiss Goodnight because so many wrestlers—Divas in particular—use DDT variations for their finishers. The LKG offered a bit of shock value, not to mention a little something extra for a lot of male fans. It's just like a woman to kiss you and then kick you in the head, right?

Victoria: Widow's Peak

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    Neckbreakers are a favorite move of mine, and I think Victoria is the Diva who did hers best.

    The Gory Neckbreaker isn't as quick as some variations, but there's an executing sense of finality to it. It certainly claimed its fair share of victims in WWE, and she continues to use it today as Tara in TNA. 

Kharma: Implant Buster

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    Unfortunately we haven't gotten to see too much of this move due to Kharma's forced maternity leave shortly after her debut this past May. But when she returns, I'm sure it will claim many, many more victims.

    The Implant Buster is impressive mostly because it displays a strength, power and intimidation which the majority of the other Divas do not have. Plus, as an added bonus the name is pretty darn funny.

    There were others which looked more devastating than the one given to Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules here, but as it was Kharma's debut it is definitely the most impactful.

Michelle McCool: Faithbreaker

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    Alright, so maybe more people associate this move with A.J. Styles than they do Michelle McCool.

    Nevertheless, Michelle McCool does use it, and it has won her many a match. The way in which she reverses Kelly Kelly in this clip is particularly smart.

Layla: Face Lift

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    Layla has only used this move a couple of times, but it definitely shows how her in-ring work has improved.

    Not may Divas venture to the top rope these days, and for Layla to include a finisher in her move set which requires her to flip off the top rope proves that she is dedicated to expanding her arsenal and putting in the work to become another great woman wrestler.

    Hopefully we will see more of this move once Layla returns from injury; perhaps she and Beth could battle it out from the top rope.

Melina: California Dream

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    One reason Melina appealed to a lot of male WWE fans was her crazy flexibility. Not only did it allow her to use crowd pleasing moves such as the Matrix evasion, but it also made moves and locks applied to her look ten times more painful.

    Melina had a wide array of moves in her WWE arsenal, and the California Dream was probably the most impressive of her submission maneuvers. 

Melina: Last Call

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    I've tried to offer as much variety as possible in this slideshow, but Melina has to be included twice.

    Melina had one of the most dynamic move sets of any recent WWE Diva, and the Last Call was probably her most impactful finisher. Whenever she trapped her opponents and let out that infamous primal scream, we all knew the end was near.

    It's too bad that years of petty backstage drama led to her being "future endeavored," as WWE is in need of talented veteran women wrestlers right now.

Natalya: Sharpshooter

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    The Sharpshooter is a classically devastating submission maneuver, and Natalya has perfected it.

    The move looks more brutal the more flexible her opponent (i.e. the clip shown here), and she has given it a fresh and torturous new twist by bridging it as the Pin Up Strong submission. Natalya is sure to make Divas tap for years to come using the Sharpshooter, all the while making Uncle Brett proud.

Lita: Litasault

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    Lita was the first and best high-flying Diva in WWE history. She and Trish Stratus helped to reinvigorate women's wrestling in WWE, and perhaps no move of hers was more exciting than the Litasault. Camera flashes galore would erupt whenever she flipped off the tope rope.

    Lately Eve has taken to using the moonsault, as well, but Lita did it first, and she definitely did it best.

Trish Stratus: Stratusfaction

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    How could you not include the finisher of WWE's Diva of the Decade at the top of this list?

    Trish Stratus is proof positive that models can become great wrestlers, and her Stratusfaction finisher helped her win many of her record seven WWE Women's Championships. Fans loved seeing Trish's enemies implanted via Stratusfation, and as you can see in this clip, she not only proves that she's still got it, but that she can do it in heels.

What Are Your Favorite Diva Finishers?

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    Throughout the years there definitely have been Divas who have wowed us in the ring. They are more than capable of performing wrestling maneuvers that shock and excite us, and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before we are seeing more moves like the Super Glam Slam.

    What do you think of the finishing moves here, and which ones would you have included? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.