SEC Football Predictions: Week 13 Winners and Losers

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 21, 2011

I give up!

Last weekend I saw a team that could have won but didn't win because of who they are. Not because of what they can do, but because of what they usually do. Vanderbilt let me down on my pick. Not that I wanted or cared for them to win. I just thought they could win.

Alas, Vandy is Vandy and no matter how much you shine the bull-hockey, it is still bull-hockey.

Otherwise the weekend went as planned. So far on the season I am 75-12 in my picks. That actually puts me up there with people who get paid to do this for a living like Tony Barnhardt.

This is a tough prognostication weekend. There are some big rivalry matchups that are predicated by big bowl potential and bragging rights galore.

I will do my best, even though my best may not be good enough. Nonetheless, it is time to try and finish strong.


Vanderbilt at Wake Forest: As mentioned above Vanderbilt has lost all credit with me and will not be bowling this year. Besides, the "what ever Deacons" are playing some pretty good ball on occasions. Yes, similar to Vandy but actually winning one more game. After the UT debacle I don't see them recovering.

Wake Forest wins 28-21


Ole Miss at Mississippi State: The Egg Bowl is exactly that. A game that just looks like you have egg all over your face. And, this is the only bowl these two teams will go to this season. What is there to say here? It is at MSU and the Rebels have put this season in the locker room already. With this being Nutt's last game you think he would have something, but he doesn't. 

Mississippi State wins 27-14


Kentucky at Tennesse: The Vol fans were ecstatic about last weekends win over Vanderbilt and they should be because Vandy has only won 2 games against them in the last twenty-something years. With this new found Vol pride and the fact that UK is looking forward to basketball season, UT will win its 27th game in a row. Not to mention Kentucky doesn't have a real threat at quarterback.

Tennessee wins 31-13


Georgia at Georgia Tech: Here comes the triple option! UGA has played this system out. They practice for it at the beginning of the season, middle, and end. I'm not saying that GT will not get yards—they will. But the Dawgs have some what of a defense to hold them at bay.

The kicker is can UGA score points without Crowell? They didn't do so hot last weekend against Kentucky. The problem is nothing really adds up here because of the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

What weakness does UGA have? You got a point. Very little against subpar teams. 

Georgia wins 31-24


Florida State at Florida: This should be called the "Oh My Lawwwd Bowl." The team with the 7-4 record visits the team at 6-5 at Gainsville and we are all scratching our heads. Jimbo Fischer's team came into the season with all kinds of media hype. Will Muschamp's team came into the season with the Gator fan's hype. Neither has turned out well and it is just by the grace of the "Lawwwd" that UF is not 5-6 right now. However, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel yet.

I expect some good pass defense out of the Gators accompanied with some special teams play with a sprinkle of rushing but I think that the erratic play from the Seminole offense will make the difference.

Florida State wins 17-13


Clemson at South Carolina: Dabo can define his career in this game. After a pitiful outing at NC State the Tigers look to rebound against the Gamecocks. With Sammy Watkins coming back in and USC having some injury issues on defense and in the backfield I look for Clemson to take full advantage of the passing game offensively and defensively.

Clemson wins 31-24


Alabama at Auburn: So far, the Tigers have survived one game out of what I call revenge games. South Carolina couldn't handle Auburn. However, Clemson, Arkansas, LSU and Georgia did handle the Tigers easily. This brings us to revenge game No. 6.

Everybody is rooting against Alabama except the 'Bama fans.

The Tide have a lot to play a for, such as revenge, pride, bragging rights, second half let-downs and potential conference championships along with a national championship. Auburn just has one thing to play for and that is spoiling Alabama's season. Oh, and bragging rights.

Auburn has not been good on offense and defense and lately special teams have been dragging from a returns aspect. But one thing the Tigers have been doing at home is winning. They last lost in 2009. That team which beat them was the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Unless Auburn has perfected the triple option expect Gus Malzahn to throw out everything and the kitchen sink for this one. However, don't expect the Alabama defense to have a gaping rush hole in the line like last weekend.

Alabama wins 35-17


Arkansas at LSU:

For the Boot.

For a chance at the BCS national championship.

When it rains it pours on the SEC west division. Arkansas has quietly amassed a 10-1 record in this season. They have a chance to put a cherry on top with a win over LSU.

LSU has done what no other team has accomplished in recent SEC history and that is travel around the southwest and northeast of the country and beat ranked teams. They are methodical, relentless on defense and capitalist at every opportunity.

Arkansas has not played well on the road. They have consistently allowed opponents to keep the games within reach or outright beat them. The Hogs have the offense but not the greatest rushing attack. The passing game is their poison and the Tigers have been mildly susceptible to this attack.

Last year I picked the Hogs to win. This year I don't think the Hog's can overcome this defense at Death Valley. They did throw a wrinkle in LSU's 2007 title run but odd things like that don't happen to Les Miles more than once. But, they could come close seeing what is on the line for both schools.

LSU wins 28-24


The Backtrack

Seeing what has transpired over the past two weeks anything can happen. Almost all of these games could come out the wrong way predicted and if it happens we will have another thrilling weekend of football.

But, in the spirit of the Backtrack:

Vanderbilt beats Wake Forest, 28-17.

Ole Miss still loses.

UK will never beat UT.

Georgia Tech triple options UGA to the tune of 35-28.

The Gators end on a high note beating FSU 23-21

South Carolina rises finally to get a 10 win season beating Clemson 27-21.

Auburn ... nope, they really have no offense and barely any defense.

Arkansas passes LSU out! 35-24.


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