Larry Munson Death: Legendary Bulldogs' Broadcaster Gone but Never Forgotten

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2011

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 29:  Former long-time Georgia Bulldogs radio announcer Larry Munson acknowledges the crowd during a tribute to him after the first quarter of the game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sanford Stadium on November 29, 2008 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The Bulldog Nation mourns today after the news that Larry Munson, Georgia's longtime play-by-play announcer, passed away at the age of 89. He was loved by all, and will be greatly missed.   

Munson's son, Michael, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Larry died due to complications of pneumonia. Funeral services have not been made, but one thing is for certain, every Georgia Bulldog fan out there knew who he was and they will never forget him. 

Children today will tell stories of Larry Munson to their grandchildren, and so on. Munson will go down as the greatest Bulldog that ever lived, and I don't think anyone can disagree with that. 

From "My God! A freshman!", "Run Lindsay run!" and "We just stepped on their face with a hob-nailed boot and broke their nose! We just crushed their face!" Munson's legendary calls and famous voice will live on forever. 

It was hard not to love Munson because of his personal touch to every call he made. He would yell and scream and keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. 

Nobody wanted to miss what he had to say, which is why so many fans inside Sanford Stadium would carry radios and headphones. 

Munson wasn't an overnight success, but he grew on the Bulldog Nation, and they all came to love him. His health weakened over the years, which forced him to end his career after the 2007 season and pass the torch along to a new announcer.  

Herschel Walker will easily go down as the greatest player ever to suit up for Georgia, as he too is a legend at the school. However, it is Munson that will be remembered as the most iconic person to be associated with the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Don't take just my word for it, as every Bulldog fan feels the same way. Former Georgia quarterback and head coach Ray Goff told the Atlanta Journal Constitution exactly what everyone is thinking.    

"If you ask the average Georgia fan who best represents the spirit of Georgia football, it wouldn’t be a player or a coach. It would be Larry Munson. He cared about Georgia and our fans loved him for it. There will never be another one like him.”

The most prestigious coach in Georgia history, Vince Dooley, told the paper why it was so easy for Bulldog fans to love Munson. 

The thing I will always remember about Larry is the incredible bond he forged with the Georgia people. There was a connection there that was hard to explain. I don’t think we’ll see another like him."

And that's the truth. Nobody will ever be able to duplicate what Munson did on Saturday's. His style was unique, but everybody loved it. 

Munson had the ability to hold you for all four quarters because you never knew what he would say next. It's hard for a radio announcer to grab the audience for an extended period of time, but as Munson grew on Georgia fans, it was never a difficult task for him.

He is no longer with us today, but it doesn't change how anyone feels about him, and it never will. Munson called it like he saw it, and his personality was always able to shine bright through his voice, and for that, he will never be forgotten.  

Thank you for all the great memories Larry, you will forever be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Munson family at this time. 



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