WWE Survivor Series 2011 Results: Why CM Punk Deserved a Real Spotlight

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst INovember 21, 2011

We are still trying to catch our breath from Survivor Series, where we saw CM Punk become the new WWE Champion. Even though I thought that Punk was deserving of the honor inside Madison Square Garden on such a big stage, I can't help but feel like it might have been the wrong move to make.

Even if CM Punk was ready, putting the title on him in this situation puts a lot of pressure on Punk.

Punk is a top face getting a world title win on a major pay-per-view in Madison Square Garden. Not only is that a lot to swallow, but keep in mind that he's still playing second fiddle to a tag match featuring The Rock and John Cena.

Shouldn't Punk's big moment get to stand alone and not be undersold in favor of a tag match that has overshadowed the rest of this card?

It also gives Punk the pressure of winning the championship in Madison Square Garden. The WWE Championship had not changed hands inside MSG since 2002 when Big Show won the title, which was also at Survivor Series. Before that, Psycho Sid won the WWE Championship in 1996 at that year's Survivor Series. Seeing a trend?

The two titles were won at the same event and venue as Punk's title win had Sunday night. Neither of those reigns were very good, putting a lot of pressure on Punk to do extremely well. The days of Bruno Sammartino winning the title and holding it for almost 3,000 days are over.

This title change marks the eighth time that it has gone to a new champion in the year 2011. This puts this calendar year in unique company with a high volume of title reigns. 2009 had nine title changes but also had an injury vacating one of those reigns. Batista lost it due to injury, but it was passed around between John Cena and Randy Orton.

The year ended a TLC with Sheamus winning it in shocking fashion. The record for most title changes is 1999 with 11. No reign lasted longer than 55 days and even had Mr. McMahon as champion. The year's title changes ended when Big Show won it at, you guessed it, Survivor Series.

CM Punk deserves more than this victory being pushed off to the side by WWE. The Rock and John Cena own the wrestling world in a few months, so it's only fair that they take a bad choice to focus around an entirely different event like Survivor Series.

The event was great, but the WWE Championship really seemed out of focus for Survivor Series. This was CM Punk's lost rematch getting found. Had it not been for the great crowd at Madison Square Garden, it would have felt like nobody had cared.

I do congratulate CM Punk for being WWE Champion, but I don't know if his title reign was something that couldn't have waited until Royal Rumble in January. There's a pressure put on someone who wins a championship in the Garden, and the night really should have belonged to Punk for his victory in the most fantastic match of the night.

Historically speaking, it will be an afterthought when Survivor Series 2011 comes to mind. A great champion like Punk deserves more than that.