2011 WWE Survivor Series Results: John Morrison Loses as WWE Future Fades

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IINovember 20, 2011

At the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, John Morrison was granted a United States Championship match in front of thousands at Madison Square Garden.

Some said that this was going to be his final hoorah, while others believed it would serve as the rejuvenation he needed to climb back up the WWE ladder. To say the match was disappointing would be far from the truth.

Dolph Ziggler and Morrison put on a great display of wrestling skills tonight. To be either man coming from a loss or win, neither should be upset about their performance. In any other sport, however, the only thing that matters is the end result.

After Morrison attempted to hit the Starship Pain, Ziggler countered and threw Morrison into the ropes. Proceeding from the ropes, Ziggler hit his patented Zig-Zag for the three-count.

For all Morrison fans, the air was released from your breath as your favorite football team lost in the Super Bowl, championship or any other big game. Both of these men put on a spectacle that will never be forgotten. At least in the eyes of Morrison fans, that could have been his last pay-per-view appearance.

If you’re ready to see Morrison in Impact, be prepared to live out your dream. This could be the last time we see JoMo in a WWE ring.

WWE Creative should have used Morrison to their advantage and make it a win-win situation. Have Morrison defeat Ziggler for the United States Championship, sign him to a contract and send Ziggler packing to the main event.

Instead, you are about to lose one of your best wrestlers that you could have rejuvenated and got another mid-card guy to the big leagues?

Call me cynical and critical, but it doesn't make any sense. Morrison would have turned heel and engaged in feuds with Kingston, Christian and even Cody Rhodes, who all received huge pops tonight.

In Morrison's early days of ECW, he was thought to the next Shawn Michaels. Somebody who didn't look like the typical WWE wrestler with loads of courage and dedication. He had the in-ring skills to match.

As an ECW Champion, he defended it multiple times and eventually lost it to CM Punk, which led him to bigger gold on Smackdown. Comparisons were at there all-time high. Could you imagine that two years later, Morrison would be on his way out?

Yeah, me neither.


The Tuesday Night Delight has just left the building.