Clear Sky: Reby Sky Is Asbolutely Doing the Right Thing

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIINovember 20, 2011

To say that Matt Hardy is screwing up is like saying rain is wet.

After violating the terms of his drug rehabilitation, Hardy was arrested and is currently being held on a $1,000,000 dollar bond. Yup, a cool million.

To sum it up, Hardy was reportedly acting suspicious at the rehab center where he had one month to go in the program. The people that were on duty gave him a breathalyzer. After failing the test, he said it was "due to mouthwash." The people running the rehab center didn't believe him and promptly kicked him out.

Hardy caught a flight back to North Carolina. When he got off the plane, he was immediately arrested for "violating a court order." This is just the latest in the Greek Tragedy that is Hardy's life. Not counting the latest issue, Matt now faces no less than four separate court dates on everything from "Reckless Driving" to "Possession with Intent To Manufacture."

The one left forgotten by all this is Lucha Libre U.S.A. star Reby Sky. Matt's current girlfriend has seen his fall from grace from a first hand perspective and may have finally taken a stand against Matt.

Recently taking to her Formspring account, she was asked a question about where Matt was at the moment. Sky responded:

"I'm reading a lot of ridiculous things on the 'dirtsheets' tonight, so to clear things up:
I could have bailed him out & did not. He's still in jail.
Have fun with that."

Reby is absolutely doing the right thing. She has repeatedly expressed her hurt by Matt in a public fashion. After the news broke that Hardy had been kicked out of Rehab, noted that Reby took to twitter and simply said:

"As if today couldn't get any worse. Wow. Just ... heartbroken."

"I REALLY need to stop asking myself if it can get any worse. Somehow, it always does."

From personal experience, I can tell you that the addiction spiral that Matt is currently in not only takes you down, but those closest to you. I lost two good friends due to the same things Matt is currently going through.

I had two friends growing up whom shall remain nameless. As we reached our mid-teens, drugs became an ever higher thing on our list of priorities. It didn't occur to us that time, but the abyss was slowly creeping up.

For reasons that I can't mention, I needed to make a choice. Either clean up my life or die that way. I told my friends I could go no further with them. I welcomed them to make the journey of getting clean with me, as it would make it much easier. They chose, however, to continue down their own paths.

The end result was me getting my life back together.

Of my friends? One was killed in a drug deal gone wrong, while another is currently serving time for "possession with intent to distribute." Needless to say that the latter isn't going to see sunlight for a good long time, while the former will never see it again.

There must come a time when enough is enough and you have to take a stand. You must inform the person suffering from addiction that you cannot travel any farther with them lest you go with them into the abyss. Whether it breaks the relationship or saves it really doesn't matter because you do it for your well being as much as theirs.

In my case, the stand I took cost me two friendships that I valued as much as life itself. However, I made the effort to help them one last time. You can only go so far before the "bonds of bros" breaks. They viewed it as betrayal. I viewed it as honoring our friendship because I didn't want them to die. I made the choice to walk away from those friendships because I attempted to save them.

I am in no way insinuating that Reby Sky is recovering from an addiction. I am simply speaking my own story when you hit the point of no return with a person who is suffering from it. I also won't pretend to fully understand the frustrations and heartache that Reby is going through because these situations are different for everyone.

But Reby letting Matt sit in jail instead of bailing him out is the right thing to do, both for her sake and for Matt's. If she's taken the stand I believe that she has, this will either wake Matt up to the realization he is going to lose the only things that really have value, or he will continue down that dark road alone. Either way, there comes the point where we need to tell those staring to abyss they must pull back, less the abyss begins to stare back.

If Reby has reached that point of no return with Matt, then she deserves nothing but respect and admiration for making the stand that's necessary. Not just Matt's sake, but for her own sanity.