The Wrestling Section's Biggest Problem!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IDecember 19, 2008

I joined the wrestling section about six months ago (around the WWE draft) after I stumbled upon one of Morgan Carter's articles on Google. Ever since that time I have been writing for Bleacher Report on the weekends or when I have a chance to sit down and do something other than school work.

I love it here. I love sharing my opinions on wrestling and hearing all of your opinions too.

Shorty after I joined, I saw some of my favorite writers on "B/R" fade away. Guys like Adam Wright and Corey Colgan, who wrote articles I enjoyed reading as a fan, have now distanced themselves from the Wrestling Section to deal with their busy lives.

I'm a lot like those guys. They didn't care if their articles were on the Front Page or not, and they didn't care if they were high or low in the rankings.  All they cared about was connecting with the reader who was taking time to listen to what they were saying. I continue to do that to this very day.

Now I see new people writing—which is great, don't get me wrong—but I read their articles and there is almost no attempt at a connection. I read just about everything that comes through the Wrestling Section, and I know all of your names, whether I talk to you or not, and I know what kind of writer you are.

There are some good writers around don't get me wrong. I love reading Shane Howard's stuff (who inspired me to write this), and I have been reading some of Daris Brown's stuff too.

Here's the thing. I hear several of the active writers on "B/R" talking about how none of their articles are "doing good," which I suppose means not having a lot of reads, comments, etc. I have the same problem, and it's not your writing (for the most part): It's a lack of consideration from your fellow Wrestling Section writers.

The problem is in the Wrestling Section we have 800 or so members, but there may be just around 100 active members. Only a fraction of those people actually write, and the ones that do are out for No. 1.

You know what that means, don't you? That means that a majority of us are so eager for recognition and success that we forget that we are part of a team—and that team is the Wrestling Section.

So until we as a community come together and stop being so pigheaded and jealous, no one will have his or her voice heard. When one wrestling article makes it to the Front Page, we should all take that as a victory. Don't be jealous of that person's success—be happy that their hard work was rewarded, whether you agree with their opinions or not.

We are a team! We have to work together if we wish to make something of ourselves. When that day comes, that will be the day that the Wrestling Section becomes something the other Communities on the Bleacher Report take seriously, and we won't have to worry about these "Bashers" sweeping through every two weeks harassing us to no end.

I love writing for the Wrestling Section. I would write all day every day if I could, and the fact is I hate seeing good articles that no one gets to see because of all the big egos in the Wrestling Section. I will be the first to admit that I get a little torn up when I have an article that I worked really hard on barely get 100 reads and has all of two comments. That is a real downer.

So be active, write until your fingers bleed, and give others feedback, because who knows—maybe that will be the article that makes it to the Front Page and you were part of that, and maybe someday we will all have a "Front Page Article" of our own. But if that day never comes, then we only have ourselves to blame, Wrestling Section.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have learned something from this.

(Thanks to Shane Howard for Inspiring me to Write this.)