Alabama Football: Oklahoma State Upset in Double Overtime!

Jonathan McDanalContributor IIINovember 19, 2011

AMES, IA - NOVEMBER 18:  Darius Reynolds #7 of the Iowa State Cyclones goes up and over Brodrick Brown #19 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Jack Trice Stadium November 18, 2011 in Ames, Iowa.  (Photo by Reese Strickland/Getty Images)
Reese Strickland/Getty Images

Fellow 'Bama fans, the path is a little clearer as of tonight! Oklahoma State was upset in double OT by an unranked Iowa State squad!

Now the road to the championship is missing a huge obstacle!

Alabama should be ranked No. 2, unless the Georgia Southern victory still allows them to slide below Oregon or Oklahoma after tomorrow's games.

If this is the case, what are the odds that Alabama, who will likely not play on Dec. 3, will not go to the BCS Championship in January?

I originally (pre-Nov. 5) wanted to believe that an LSU rematch would be unfair, as the winning team would feel the victory meant nothing if the rematch occurred.

I watched the game on Nov. 5 along with most of the rest of you.  I watched as 60+ minutes of football were played tremendously, only to end with one question still unanswered.

That question was simply, "Which one of these teams is the best in the nation?" I don't believe that was answered back then.  LSU won, and I do not intend to discredit that victory in the least.  Had LSU scored a touchdown, I would not be an advocate of a rematch.

I simply want to watch one game this year, and that is LSU's A-game vs. Alabama's A-game.  I want an uncontested winner. I don't mind in the least if LSU shows up with their A-game and whips Alabama for bringing their B-game.

In the end, though, I want one team to absolutely and clearly state that they are the best team in the nation this year.

With Iowa State's upset tonight, it is starting to look like I may get my answer in January.

Roll, Tide, Roll!