Top 5 Reasons to Stop Hating on Tim Tebow

George WrighsterGuest ColumnistNovember 18, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Stop Hating on Tim Tebow

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    No one bothers to hate on losers. Guess what, Tim Tebow is a winner. The line of haters and naysayers that at one time seemed infinite has been decimated due to defections to the supporter category.

    You can call his style of play an ugly, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day if you want. At the end of the day, the Broncos are 4-1 with him at the helm. If the Broncos make the playoffs, this season will be more successful than anyone could have expected. 

    People have found so many different reasons to hate Tebow. He is winning with a style "sophisticated" football minds deem juvenile, and they do not like it. They hate that he is vocal about God, and don’t think religion and sports should intersect. Naysayers are praying the wheels fall off of the "Tebow experiment" soon so they can say " I told you so". So, I'll give you the top five reasons to stop hating on Tim Tebow.

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5. Tim Tebow Sells

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    Now that Tim Tebow is winning , he will be a cash cow for himself and the team.

    Tebow puts people in the seats, makes them buy jerseys/apparel and he makes the Broncos more popular. The more popular the team is, the more they can sell advertising for which increases the value of the franchise. He is handsome, smart, charismatic and most importantly, he ‘s a good guy. Tiger Woods was squeaky clean and could endorse anything before his scandal.  Now, Tim Tebow is that guy.

    His jersey was the top seller in the league last year. Next, you will start to see him in a commercial selling a whole host of products. Every company wants to be associated with a winner and a good role model.

4. People Love Happy Endings

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    Everybody loves the underdog. Is there anything better than a feel-good story? It’s almost like Tebow is being bullying and picked on by the analyst and “experts”. They constantly try to tell him what he is not good enough to do.

    No one like a bully.

    Despite all the criticism about his passing (albeit mostly fair), he still succeeds.

    The public has rallied around Tebow and is rooting for him to succeed. He overcomes all of his technical shortcomings to show what matters the most, his heart. Every game is like watching one of the great sports movies of all-time live.

3. Bronco Fans Were Right!

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    The fans love Tim Tebow. When the Broncos season first started Tebow was basically under the bench. He was demoted to third string.

    The Broncos faithful were not at all pleased by that move.

    Many people questioned his throwing motion and his accuracy, but Broncos fans did not care. They wanted the hero they drafted. There is just something about Tebow that makes you believe in him regardless of the circumstances.

    I think this is the first time in history fans have bought a billboard to demand a player be played. It didn't help that the Broncos were losing and not playing well with Orton as QB. The Broncos organization was essentially forced to play Tebow. If the fans who pay money to watch games and buy apparel aren't happy, the team cannot ignore that.

    Well, the fans got their way and proved they were smarter than the coaches and front office. They believed Tebow would bring wins. The fans were right and the Broncos have an opportunity to win the division and make the playoffs.

2. Tebow Inspires

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    Tim Tebow inspires you and his teammates. His team is playing better since he took over. He will never ever quit or give up and the intensity of the Broncos is turned up. You believe that anything is possible regardless of the circumstances when you watch him.  If you believe, work hard, and dedicate your all to your beliefs, you will be successful.

    His throwing motion is terrible. He is not accurate. The same way they played at Florida wont work in the NFL. He is not an NFL quarterback.

    Tebow lets all that go in one ear and out the other.

    Tebow is a living testimony of all the things we wish we were.  He is a full time man of principal, no exceptions. People have tried to tear him down, to no avail. For years, doubters have tried to find dirt on him that proves his life doesn't reflect what he preaches.

1. Winning Is Not Everything, It's the Only Thing!

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    Tim Tebow is a winner!  In the NFL, winning is king! He won in high school. He won in college. Now, he is winning in the NFL. The wins have not been conventional, but nonetheless they are wins. Two of the wins were comeback victories.

    The great quarterbacks are measured by wins, and comeback wins. You have to love Tim Tebow because he leaves his heart and soul on the field every play. His team sees how hard he plays and has turned the season around. People love players who play hard and put it all on the line every time. He gives the fans someone to believe in and know they can count on to get it done. Fans don’t care how ugly it looks, they just want their team to win. Even when he doesn't get it done, you still believe. 

    If you are one of the people hating on Tim Tebow…give it up. He is not going anywhere.