SEC Football Predictions: Week 12 Winners and Losers

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 15, 2011

I got it momma, I got it!
I got it momma, I got it!Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Duped again!

For the fourth time this season the Auburn Tigers have flopped where they were supposed to flip for me. Along with that poor pick, which was done out of selfish reasons, I decided that Ole Miss would not phone it in last weekend. They didn't. They telegraphed it in.

At least this week the picks are very easy and should be straight up. Adding last weekend to the total I am now 69-11 on the season. Winning 84 percent of my picks is not bad but admittedly picking for selfish reasons is not good. Just because I am picking good does not mean my picks will decide the outcome of the game.

Nonetheless, we move forward and make this a good week.

Citadel at South Carolina: Coming off of a let down after watching Georgia obliterate Auburn the Gamecocks must do something to increase the morale and show the voters why they should have been in the Sugar Bowl. It doesn't matter. This game is prep work for Clemson.

South Carolina wins 52-6

Furman at Florida: Thank the swamp gods for this one. The last time the Gators were 5-5 at this point in the season was 1986. Injuries, poor execution and down right bad luck and prior staff can be blamed for the problems. At least this weekend will be a reprieve.

Florida wins 35-10

Georgia Southern at Alabama: Oh my! GSU comes into this game 9-1! In the FCS! Okay people, for you nimrods out there that think this game is going to be close I want you to put down the hater-aid and listen to me. IT'S NOT! 

Alabama wins 45-6

LSU at Ole Miss: Remember above how I mentioned Ole Miss telegraphing in the La Tech game? Well, try courier pigeon on this one. LSU has had problems with Ole Miss/Nutt in the past. Clock management and Les Miles....blah, blah, blah. You may actually see two pick sixes in this game. 

LSU wins 48-3

Samford at Auburn: After the choke hold Grantham gave to the Tigers this week they will find some breathing room with the Bulldogs. But, don't be a rube and think that because Auburn scores tons of points their offense is back. They're not.

Auburn wins 45-10

Kentucky at Georgia: Man, have the mutts come out of the woodwork or what? After beating Auburn all I hear is how great this UGA team is. Lets be honest, every one, and I mean every one, knew that UGA would lose the first two games and then have an easy stretch towards the east title. As it is said, so it shall be written.

Georgia wins 38-13

Mississippi State at Arkansas: About this time the Bulldogs are thanking Ole Miss. The school up north is MSU's golden ticket to a bowl berth. Because this game against Arkansas sure as heck isn't one! Arkansas is getting tuned up for what will be the most important game of their season. But, that doesn't mean they will forget about the quadrupeds this weekend. 

Arkansas wins 31-17

Vanderbilt at Tennessee: This one is kind of easy to pick. In the last 30 years Vandy has won twice. Even when the 'Dores were favored to win they lost. Wait a second, they were never favored to win. That changes right here, right now! 

Vanderbilt wins 24-20! 

The Backtrack

Man, why do I pick Vanderbilt? Why?! I truly believe they have the players to win this game but at the same time I'm not sure if they have the mental capacity to prevail. UT doesn't lose to two teams in this league, often if not ever, and those two are Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

Statistically speaking you could play it both ways. The lessors are due a win, or they haven't done it in so long why should they start now.

I guess I just want to give some respect to James Franklin and what he has accomplished this season at Vanderbilt. Therefore, once again I pick him over the traditional prognostication.