DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart Deserve "Smash and Dash"

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst IDecember 17, 2008

Let's settle this "Smash and Dash" naming rights debate once and for all. First, I'll bring you up to speed on what brought us to this point, in case you don't know the whole story. 

After the Panthers' running duo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart was referred to as "Smash and Dash", in the Panthers-Buccaneers game a couple Mondays ago, Titans RB LenDale White claimed that he and fellow Tennessee RB Chris Johnson had coined the nickname for themselves after the duo rushed for 317 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct. 19.

White claimed that he was the "Smash" and Johnson the "Dash," for obvious reasons.  White says he even got the nickname copyrighted, and now t-shirts emblazoned with cartoon likenesses of White and Johnson with "Smash and Dash" imprinted on them are sold in Nashville, TN.

But as the Panthers' rushing duo of Williams and Stewart rushed for 301 yards in a home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on ESPN's Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago, TV analysts began to refer to that pair as "Smash and Dash." 

There were numerous signs seen in camera shots of the crowd that read "Smash and Dash" also referencing Williams and Stewart.  In addition, Panthers fans had been calling the backs by that collective name for some time preceding that game.

I don't know about you, but I think rushing for 301 yards on the Bucs is a helluva lot better than running for 317 yards against the Chiefs. Moreover, throughout the season, White and Johnson have combined to carry 413 times for 1859 yards (for a 4.50 yards per carry average) and 22 touchdowns.

Williams and Stewart have combined for 382 carries for 1980 yards (a 5.18 yards per carry average) and 25 rushing touchdowns.

While Tennessee's White may have first called Johnson and himself "Smash and Dash," Carolina's duo has clearly earned the title more. So, in my book, "Smash and Dash" goes to Williams and Stewart.