UFC on FOX: 5 Things Dana White Should Change for Future FOX Cards

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIINovember 13, 2011

UFC on FOX: 5 Things Dana White Should Change for Future FOX Cards

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    The UFC's debut on FOX was strong but not without its problems. There are still several things that UFC president Dana White and company need to fix.

    The next UFC event on FOX isn't set yet, so we don't know who will be fighting. But what we do know is what changes we'd like to see when the UFC makes its way back onto FOX.

    What exactly are these changes and why should they be enacted? Read and find out!

More Fights!

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    One thing that every fan wants to see on the next UFC on FOX is more fights.

    More fights make the event more exciting and provide more of an experience for new fans.

    Also, having more than one fight is a good idea; putting all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster.

    Imagine how much better UFC on FOX 1 would've been if Clay Guida vs. Benson Henderson could've aired?

    There's no reason it shouldn't have been in the broadcast since Cain Velasquez was defeated by Junior dos Santos in only 64 seconds.

No Fuel-Exclusive Content

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    FuelTV is a niche network that isn't widely popular. Unfortunately for many MMA fans, there was a pre-show on Fuel that featured the likes of Jay Glazer, Stephan Bonner and Kenny Florian (as well as a guest appearance by Bas Rutten).

    Again, White probably doesn't have control over this, but it'd be nice to see it change. Why should great content be limited to such a small network?

Unique Theme Music

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    This likely isn't in Dana White's control but would it be too much for him to ask FOX for some unique UFC on FOX theme music instead of just using the theme for the generic theme for FOX sports?

Less Recycled Footage

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    A lot of the UFC on FOX broadcast before the fight was just recycled footage from the UFC primetime special featuring dos Santos and Velasquez.

    Next time, it'd be nice if they didn't do that. Think of the other things they could air during that time!

Don't Disrespect the Fighters

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    Many were shocked and appalled at Dana White's behavior after the fight was over.

    Instead of praising Junior dos Santos, White opted to bash Velasquez (as well as dos Santos who White wrongly insisted had a reputation for gassing later in fights) and his game plan heading into the fight.

    Why would you bury your fighters in such a manner on national television? White should only have the utmost of praise for his fighter when he's discussing them on such a large stage.

    Above all else, his job is to promote.

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