WWE Should Be Using Yoshi Tatsu to His Full Potential

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2011

One of WWE's young international stars who has not been getting much time on TV lately is Japanese sensation Yoshi Tatsu.

Tatsu first showed up in WWE on its now defunct ECW brand. He portrayed a very energetic babyface who came out to Japanese dance music.

His in-ring ability is great, but his character prevented him from climbing up the ranks of WWE, and his lack of a push never really helped matters, either.

In the last few months the NXT writers did something that they haven't done since the first season, and that is to have a good idea.

They had Tatsu taken off TV after being beaten down by Tyson Kidd after a necklace on a pole match. Over the next couple of weeks, a Japanese Kenji symbol appeared on the titantron during Kidd's matches distracting him.

This was a sign of the impending return of Yoshi Tatsu. When he came back to extract revenge, he had a new look and new attitude.

His new look consisted of wearing black tights showing red Kenji symbols and a half painted face to show respect for his hero The Great Muta. He also came to the ring wearing a mask which was removed upon entering, similar to Great Muta.

In an interview, Tatsu said he hoped his new image would help him better portray Japanese culture and the style of wrestling that exists in Japan.




When he first came back with this look, I was very excited because I have been saying for a long time that Tatsu just needed to be repackaged and brought back as a more intense character.

When he wrestled in Japan, Tatsu would sometimes play a Yakuza-type character, which showed he could play a good heel role if needed.

Yoshi Tatsu has only had one brush with success in WWE, and that was when he was unable to capture the ECW title from Christian after earning a shot by beating Zack Ryder.

He may not be able to give scathing promos against his opponents, but he can get in the ring and mix it up with some of the best in the world, and he has. Take a look at the video I included which shows Bryan Danielson squaring off with Tatsu when he was known by his real name, Naofumi Yamamoto.

I am a fan of Yoshi's in-ring work, and I think that if he was given the opportunity, he could be a great asset to WWE.

I think the next logical move for Tatsu's character would be to have him show up on SmackDown as a part of the Lucha feud between Sin Cara and Hunico's new group.

Tatsu could be paired with Sin Cara and they could compete in tag team matches with Hunico, Epico and Primo that would be both exciting and high energy.

I don't know how many fans Yoshi has out there, but I am sure every single one of them wants him to get some more TV time.

What do you think, can Yoshi Tatsu's new image help him excell in WWE?