Auburn's Big Time 2011 Season: The Hype Machine Is Officially Broken

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 5, 2016

ATHENS, GA - NOVEMBER 12:  Clint Moseley #15 of the Auburn Tigers passes against the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium on November 12, 2011 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

That is it!


I'm done buying into the Auburn hype machine. Once again I picked Auburn to win a close one. Disregarding Georgia's ability for big plays and defense, I thought the UGA/UF game was a barometer of the inefficiencies the 'Dawgs would prove during this game. Couple that with thinking that Malzahn is a great offensive coordinator and a healthy Reed and Blake plus Dyer and how could I go wrong?

Easy, buy into the hype. That is how you go wrong.

The truth is Auburn is not good. Emory Blake is not great. Trevon Reed doesn't make a difference and no matter which quarterback you throw in there the offense is pedestrian at best. This team is not improving and from the looks of it will not improve.

As for everyone saying that next year will be the year of the Tiger because these players will be older and more experienced, well, I'm just going to have a "wait and see approach." 

With this being Chizik's third year I would expect a little better defense out of this team. Right now all I see is a caretaker and a recruiting machine that can't develop talent. 

As for the offense what do you say? Malzahn, super genius? 

When a premier running back like Michael Dyer only gets 13 touches in a game then you have to start wondering about the play calling. Is it stale? Is it predictable? Is there a lack of talent and experience? Is the quarterback the problem? All of the above?


None of that matters. It is my fault for buying into the fan frenzy. It is my fault for believing Rod Bramblett saying Clint Moseley would not be affected by the crowd noise because he played at LSU. It is my fault for believing a 97th ranked offense can go between the hedges and beat a top five defense. It is my fault for believing an 86th ranked defense could stop a 31st ranked offense. 

A while back I wrote an article depicting this team as the worst defending BCS national champions. Right now that current record is held by LSU in 2008 with five losses allowing 192 points while scoring 123 points in those losses. 26 more points given up on defense in a fifth loss and the Auburn Tigers will become the worst defending BCS national champions.

Yesterday's performance helped solidify that.

So, I will not buy into any hype that Auburn will be great next season because I can't see anything great in these coaches.