WWE Network: Is a Successful Launch on Cable and Satellite Realistic?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2011

WWE is doing more work than ever for their upcoming network these days and it is causing quite a buzz in the wrestling community.

This is Vince McMahon's brain child and he has been building to this for nearly a decade. The idea was originally thrown around some years ago, but it was not as feasible until now.

WWE is attempting something which is not all that uncommon. After all, there have been channels dedicated to football and golf for years now and they seem to be doing okay.

There are more television networks than ever before, which means every network has to try that much harder to pull viewers from the multitude of other programming choices.

With there being more choices for viewers than ever before, it means that companies are not willing to spend as much on advertising per channel since they have to spread their money out over more networks, which has led to networks making less money per show on advertising.

Another recently launched network is Oprah's OWN channel, and they have been struggling to make a profit since day one. The reason for that is because people won't tune into a channel called The Oprah Winfey Network if they don't get to see Oprah.

The real question here is whether WWE can have a successful launch on cable and satellite or if this project will fall flat like many other fledgling channels have before.

WWE has experience with failed networks. TNN was once the home of Monday Night Raw. Do you see TNN on your channel guide anymore?

What WWE needs to do is make sure they launch with enough variety in programming to pull in more viewers than just the ones who watch their wrestling shows.

The Divas reality show that is being worked on has been something WWE has been pretty vocal about and it could be one of the things that helps them draw in a new set of viewers.

Reality TV is still huge money and it has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. A show about the beautiful WWE divas would be a draw for both male and female viewers, which is a major plus for WWE since they always have trouble with female audiences.

Broadcasting shows like Tough Enough and Superstars on the network will also help them to keep the focus on their wrestling content.

The extensive video libraries WWE owns from numerous defunct promotions will also provide for thousands upon thousands of hours of historical content.

WWE is working hard to make sure they get this right and if we know one thing it's that when WWE wants to do something, they don't do it halfway.

I have a feeling this will be a popular network as long as WWE does two things: makes the price affordable for most fans and includes the PPV events at no extra cost to subscribers. No one will want to shell out money for WWE programming if they don't get all of it.

What do you think, can the WWE Network have a successful launch?