WWE: What Is Hunico's Future Without the Sin Cara Mask?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 9, 2011

Lately, WWE has been doing very little to create long term stories or stars.

When they actually work on building a star, the WWE universe completely berates that star, even when they are doing their absolute best with what they are given.

The latest example of this phenomenon is Hunico.

Hunico came into the WWE under the Sin Cara mask, and many people thought that Hunico should replace the former man under the mask and current Sin Cara.

Their wishes were not granted, as Sin Cara would regain his mask and identity, leaving Hunico in the WWE without a mask.

Looking at him without the mask, he has the exact same wardrobe as TNA's Anarquia in Mexican America. He is just smaller.

However, there is a much different gimmick that seems to be forming for Hunico without the mask. The problem is that is no one will give him a chance as he is just "another star" who is not "good enough" for the WWE.

I'm here to tell you that Hunico's future is much brighter than any give him credit for.

At first I thought along with the masses that Hunico was done. I thought he would be heading back to FCW to train up again and get a new gimmick. Maybe he'll bring in Los Aviadores with his FCW partner Epico.

These guys, without masks, and with a bad attitude. Awesome!
These guys, without masks, and with a bad attitude. Awesome!

That part came true. Epico is now in the WWE playing wing man for Hunico on his quest to take down Sin Cara. There may even be a third member of this gang coming along soon.

This Mexican/Central America stable compares closely to Mexican America in TNA, or the former group of the Mexicools in WWE.

Trust me though, this is not about being cool or Mexican heritage. These guys invading the WWE are a real tag team—perhaps stable—that are simply about being vicious and amazing

We all complain about the lack of real tag teams in WWE, but we find the addition of Hunico and Epico to be no big deal? Why is that?

These guys already have great in-ring chemistry as a team and will be able to pull off great cruiserweight wrestling that we haven't seen in years outside of Rey Mysterio.

This is the newest WWE tag team, and it will be one of the coolest to watch in years. Not only that, but these two could be a part of a larger cruiserweight comeback that could see the cruiserweight title brought back.

All of this sounds like a plus to me. It will elevate two new stars in Hunico and Epico along with bringing back some old flair in one or two WWE divisions.

Hunico is coming, and he is bringing a friend. Are you ready for Los Aviadores?