BCS Standings: If LSU Loses, There's Total Chaos

Dr. SECAnalyst IINovember 6, 2011

TUSCALOOSA, AL - NOVEMBER 05:  Michael Ford #42 of the LSU Tigers is stopped by Jerrell Harris #5 and DeQuan Menzie #24 of the Alabama Crimson Tide during the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium on November 5, 2011 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The new BCS Standings came out tonight and anger is soon to follow. Once again the BCS system showed why it is such a horrific system. For example, Arkansas beat a top ten BCS team and dropped a spot.

However, not to worry, if LSU continues to win it will work itself out. The biggest news to many people is that Alabama only dropped to third. The only person that is bad news for is Boise State. However, if Oklahoma State and/or Stanford win out one of these two teams will play LSU for the national championship.

Even if Stanford loses and Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma, Alabama will not make it to the BCS championship. Oklahoma will jump the Tide with a win over the Cowboys.

However, there is one situation that could lead to pure and total chaos and that is if the LSU Tigers lose to Arkansas or in the SEC championship.

If the Tigers lose to Arkansas, and assuming the Razorbacks and Tide win out, they will have to go to a tie breaker. Because all three of the teams will be in the BCS championship rankings, the two highest ones will use the head to head method.

However, who would be the top two? Because of the strength of schedule, it is hard to see Alabama passing LSU in any situation. Arkansas possibly could because of it being a win on the last week of the schedule.

Anything is possible, but it seems that Alabama will be on the outside looking in.

So we now have either Arkansas or LSU playing in the SEC championship game. What if they lose that game? Will a one-loss Alabama team jump into the BCS championship against a one-loss team from another conference? That seems unlikely.

It is doubtful that the voters would reward Alabama for only having one loss because they did not play in the SEC championship game.

Here is another scenario to consider—What if LSU beats Arkansas but loses to Georgia in the SEC championship? This would be similar to the 2005 season. That season, LSU went into the SEC Championship ranked No. 3 in the nation. Georgia went into the game ranked No. 13.

The Tigers were supposed to be on another level than the Bulldogs. People were skeptical of Georgia mainly because they had been defeated in back-to-back games earlier in the season—sound familiar?

The Bulldogs would shock the world, defeating the Tigers 34-14.

If Stanford and Oklahoma State are still undefeated, the answer is simple. Those two teams play for the national championship and the SEC streak is over. But, what if one of those teams has been defeated? Georgia has won the SEC championship and Boise State has beaten them—can you skip over that Boise State team for a one loss BCS team?

I think it is safe to say if LSU loses we could be headed to another split national championship. If LSU loses, there's total chaos