UFC 137: What a Nick Diaz Win over GSP Would Mean for the UFC

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

After missed press conferences, injuries, and possibly BJ Penn's retirement fight, Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre is back on. 

This time the fight could take place on a bigger stage: Super Bowl weekend. 

Diaz wasted little time calling out the welterweight champ after his main event victory over Penn during Saturday’s UFC 137, claiming that St-Pierre was not injured and that he was scared. 

Diaz is without a doubt one of the most exciting fighters in MMA today. 

Because of his unique personality and troubled past, Diaz is also one of the most hated and possibly misunderstood fighters today. 

Despite already being screwed by Diaz once this year, the UFC will give him another chance at St-Pierre. 

St-Pierre has been one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history. Also, he's been considered one of the more boring fighters in MMA today. 

No one can doubt St-Pierre's greatness. However, the fact that he is not as exciting as Anderson Silva or finish fighters like Jon Jones have turned some people against St-Pierre. 

Diaz may not be the most liked fighter outside of the Octagon, but inside the cage, Diaz can put on a great show. 

From his willingness to take crazy risks, his fearlessness to stand and trade with anybody and his arrogance to taunt an opponent right after getting hit by them, Diaz is flat out entertaining. 

If Diaz could some how beat St-Pierre, it would do a few things. 

It would give new life to the welterweight division that has been nearly cleaned out by St-Pierre. 

A Diaz win would also give the UFC a possible new bad boy champion, much like Tito Ortiz was. 

Diaz as champion could also be a risk. 

Because of a post-fight brawl that involved Diaz, Strikeforce got pulled from its television deal with CBS. 

Diaz has also been involved in a hospital fight with fellow fighter Joe Riggs, been suspended for having marijuana in his system, and was originally pulled from his UFC 137 fight with St-Pierre for missing two press conferences. 

Diaz could provide the excitement that the UFC needs while the company is trying to go mainstream. He could also bring excess baggage.