Biggest Crybabies in MMA

G DAnalyst IIIOctober 31, 2011

Biggest Crybabies in MMA

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    The sport of mixed martial arts has come to be the world's fastest growing sport for several different reasons over the past few years.

    One obvious reason is the fighters themselves, who dedicate their lives to the sport they deeply love.

    But it's the fighters' personalities that bring a whole new excitement to MMA.

    Every sport has its comedians, those who don't say a word, and of course, the cry babies.

    MMA is no different, as it is home to some of the world's biggest whiners.

    When something doesn't go their way, these fighters either whine, throw a fit or cry their eyes out.

    The following slides display the 10 biggest cry babies in MMA today.

    Let's take a look.

Forrest Griffin

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    Forrest Griffin is known to many as that tough-minded guy in mixed martial arts.

    Well, don't be fooled, because Griffin is certainly a cry baby.

    After defeating Stephan Bonnar for a second time, Griffin met Keith Jardine at UFC 66, where his night ended earlier than expected as he was knocked out in the very first round.

    Instead of taking the loss, Griffin sat in the corner and cried.

Michael Bisping

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    While we haven't seen Michael Bisping necessarily shed tears during his mixed martial arts career, he's definitely one of the biggest whiners in MMA today.

    Nearly every time Bisping speaks, he's crying about something new.

    Jason Miller this, Chael Sonnen that... wah wah wah.

Tito Ortiz

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    There's no denying how good Tito Ortiz once was, as he's a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

    But Ortiz is also one of MMA's biggest cry babies.

    When Ortiz met Randy Couture at UFC 44, he not only lost his title but his manliness as well.

    Ortiz took his emotions to the post-fight press conference, where he cried in front of his fans.

Melvin Guillard

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    Melvin Guillard entered UFC 136 arguably just one fight away from his much-desired Lightweight title shot.

    But, that all changed when he was submitted via Rear Naked Choke by Joe Lazuon just a minute into Round 1.

    Instead of taking it like a man, Guillard chose to shed some tears and throw a chair to let his anger out.

Nick Diaz

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    While Nick Diaz may be the consensus No. 2 Welterweight in the UFC today, it doesn't stop him from being one of the biggest babies as well.

    If we were to make a list of everything Diaz has cried about, we'd be here forever.

    But, one thing's for sure, whenever something doesn't go his way, Diaz is the first to cry about it.

Joe Stevenson

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    Joe Stevenson had won 13 of his previous 14 bouts leading up to his Lightweight championship fight with BJ Penn at UFC 80.

    Things didn't go as planned for Stevenson as he found himself bloody and all but down and out.

    At 4:02 of Round 2, Stevenson was submitted via Rear Naked Choke.

    Following the loss, Stevenson laid on the ground and sobbed.

Shinya Aoki

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    Shinya Aoki has been caught crying his eyes out on more than one occasion since entering the sport of mixed martial arts in November 2003.

    After being beaten around by Hayato Sakurai in just 27 seconds, Aoki let his emotions pour out of him by crying outside of the Octagon.

    Then, after a Gilbert Melendez throttle, Aoki cried the night away backstage.

BJ Penn

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    BJ Penn is another guy who doesn't necessarily let his tears flow out of him but remains one of the biggest cry babies in mixed martial arts.

    Penn earned his stripes after being defeated by George St-Pierre at UFC 94.

    Instead of admitting St-Pierre was the better fighter, Penn whined and stated his opponent was greasing up.

    But, but but, but....

Jon Fitch

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    If there's anyone who actually deserves to cry, it's Jon Fitch.

    But, that doesn't make it okay as he's cried on several occasions for not receiving a title shot after winning nearly every fight of his mixed martial arts career.

    Fitch also let the world know how heartbroken he was when BJ Penn decided to fight Carlos Condit instead of him.

    Fitch went to Twitter and stated,

    "@bjpenndotcom you broke my heart, I thought you were a man of principle."

Rampage Jackson

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    While Rampage Jackson may not be right in the head, it's not an excuse for being a cry baby.

    If you're not sure how Jackson made this list, go back and watch the Ultimate Fighter Season 10.

    Watch Jackson cry and whine his way through the season when things didn't go his way or his team lost to Rashad Evans squad.

    Suck it up, soldier!