UFC 137 Results: Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn by Compustrike Numbers

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2011

Nick Diaz beat and forced BJ Penn into a corner at UFC 137 in a unanimous decision victory.

Watching the fight it was clear who won and the former Strikeforce welterweight champ, Diaz, was that clear winner.

Looking at the Compustrike numbers though makes you realize how decisive this win for Diaz really was.

According to Compustrike's e-mail following Diaz's win over Penn, Penn landed a total of 76 strikes. That amount pales in comparison to the amount Diaz landed which was a staggering 239 strikes.

Diaz was also far more accurate with his arm strikes landing 222 out of 341 for an accuracy of 65%. Then you look at Penn's and, again, the Compustrike shows how decisive this was. Penn landed a total of 66 arm strikes out of 171 for an accuracy of 39%.

After the Daley fight people questioned Diaz's power. Well Diaz landed a total 140 power strikes throughout the fight to Penn's 43. So 100 extra power strikes regardless of punching of power is still a tough thing to weather.

Then finally you have Diaz's dominant second round where he made Penn gas and threw vicious body shots followed by other combos. In that second round out of the 222 arm strikes he landed, 111 of them came in the second round.

That just shows how dominant a second round Diaz had.

In the end the Compustrike shows Diaz's incredible win over Penn and gives you a nice look at just how dominant this win was.


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