WWE Fantasy: A DX, NWO and Ministry Reunion

TJ Nagy@@tj_nagyAnalyst IIINovember 2, 2011

WWE Fantasy: A DX, NWO and Ministry Reunion

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    Wrestling fans all have dreams, and at times certain dreams become closer and closer to becoming reality. 

    This is one of those moments for a lot of those dreamers out there.

    I usually hate doing this, I'm not on the WWE creative team and I certainly don't think any of these things are going to happen. Predicting things like this is usually not my cup of tea, but when it comes to these series of events, I really couldn't resist. 

    We've all heard the recent rumors and gossip about a possible nWo-like stable forming in the WWE. With the "injury" to HHH at the hands of Kevin Nash, a lot of people believe that The Game will soon be bringing in reinforcements. 

    Those reinforcements could be none other than old DX partners Shawn Michaels and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, two guys that Trips mentioned by name in a recent promo on Raw.

    What about Nash? Everybody knows that he's one of the founding fathers of the greatest stable of all time, the nWo.

    Ever since Nash returned in August, the idea of a New World Order return has been spreading like wildfire around the IWC forums.

    A nWo reboot could be very successful if they got some big name players to join. It would definitely be an interesting storyline to keep an eye on.

    And what about the Ministry? At this point, why the hell not?

    Undertaker's been done for months, he's apparently bald and there's no doubt that his career is just about done.

    Imagine if he came back with a few dark minions to wreak havoc on the WWE just one more time. A couple sacrifices, some creepy satanic music and we'd be set. 

    Remember how legitimately frightening Taker was during that era? Plus who could forget that incredible soul patch?

    No doubt all this craziness would make for some incredible television over the next few months, maybe even catapulting the WWE back into the ratings it had during the glory days. 

    Will all this happen? Of course not.  But I can dream, right guys?

NwO: John Cena Finally Turns Heel and Shuts Everyone Up

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    Note: I saw another writer mention this a while back (my apologies for forgetting who). But seriously, why is there not a single fan-made picture out there of John Cena in an nWo shirt? Come on guys what's the holdup? 

    If the New World Order is actually going to return in the WWE, it needs to come back in a big way. Not "Wow, Shawn Michaels is back and wearing the black and white" big way.

    I'm talking Bash at the Beach, "Holy S&!t what is Hogan doing?!" big way.

    There's only one man who can make that kind of impact in WWE today, and that man is John Cena. Seeing him wear the nWo shirt like so many legends of the past would be absolutely mind blowing to say the least.

    It would be a perfect way for Cena to turn heel so Vince McMahon can finally stop hearing all of you complain.

    I am a realist and believe that Cena will never turn heel...ever. But if it was to happen, and an nWo return was just around the corner, then Cena is the only real option if the WWE wants to make this one of the biggest storylines of all time.

    Cena is a born leader, and whether or not you actually like him, he should have earned your respect years ago. It's time for him to lead the WWE into a new, unpredictable era by becoming the face of the new nWo.

    How would it happen? Survivor Series is probably the best place to do it. MSG, the return of The Rock, a match against two anarchists, it's all perfect. 

    Cena will turn on The Rock during their match, resulting in The Great One getting a people's beatdown by Cena and Awesome Truth. Then, the nWo's music will hit, Nash and Laurinaitis will come out. Nash will have that infamous shirt on, and Laurinaitis will have a few more in his hand. 

    And who's going to stop Laurinaitis from doing this? Triple H is still laying in a hospital somewhere with a broken spine or whatever.

    Plus, I'm not too happy seeing Kevin Nash on my television every week either. But it's going to happen so I think it's time to just accept it and move on.

    Next thing you know, Cena, Nash, Awesome Truth and Laurinaitis will put on the shirts, raise their hands in victory, and wrestling will once again be the talk of the entire country.

    The whole thing is reminiscent of when McMahon first injected the nWo "poison" into the WW(F) back in 2002. Only this time Laurinaitis is doing it.

    But who cares? It would still be awesome to see. Why did Cena do it though? Why would he turn his back on the fruit loop troop?

    Well, it's pretty simple and he said it to the camera last Monday on Raw. 

    Cena is there every single week, pouring his heart out in the ring to please the fans. Yet all they do is continue to boo and degrade him. In the meantime, The Rock returns and he's accepted with open arms, like he didn't abandon every single WWE fan seven years ago.

    The fans made Cena do this, they got what they wanted, and now they'll have to live with their decision.

    In the meantime, Awesome Truth will capture the tag titles thanks the Evan Bourne's suspension, putting some gold (or at least bronze) around the waist of the two. They deserve the titles at this point, considering Air Boom can't defend them for at least a month. 

    It'll all come to a breaking point at Wrestlemania, when The Rock takes down the nWo all on his own by defeating John Cena, then riding off into the sunset again for probably another seven years. 

    I know it's a longshot, but come on, that's a pretty awesome idea if I do say so myself. 


    nWo: John Cena, Kevin Nash, Awesome Truth, in connection with John Laurinaitis

DX: The Antidote for Anarchy

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    So while Cena, the new leader of nWo, continues his feud with The Rock, how will the WWE stop the rest of this new powerhouse?

    It's pretty simple, HHH is going to have to call in some troops, the same two guys he mentioned last week on Raw.

    The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, two former generals of the DX army.

    As soon as Triple H returns from his concussion and his other ridiculous injuries, he's definitely going to realize how much he missed. The nWo will be back, Cena will be a heel and all hope for a bright future in the WWE will be lost. 

    The Cerebral Assassin knows that he won't be able to fix this problem all by himself, so as he stands there toe-to-toe with Laurinaitis in the ring upon his return, he'll ask him one thing.

    Are you ready?

    Out comes Shawn Michaels, breaking his word of honor to never return, but coming back to save the company he loves. A tag team match between DX and Awesome Truth would be in order of course, maybe even for those tag titles that Awesome Truth just won off of Kofi Kingston. 

    After Nash interferes and destroys the newly rejuvenated DX in their match, it'll be clear that Triple H and Shawn Michaels can't do this alone. Cue X-Pac, and the odds have officially been evened.

    Hopefully, that "X-Pac heat" has worn off and people will actually care. That's at least two months of storylines right there, which means the WWE can keep building this up until their huge finale in Miami. 

    A triple-threat match featuring DX vs. nWo (Nash and Awesome Truth) at Wrestlemania 28 would be perfect.


    DX: HHH, Shawn Michaels and X-Pac

The Ministry of Darkness: A Friday Nightmare

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    Why should Raw have all the fun? What's Smackdown going to be doing during all this insanity?

    They're definitely going to have to step their game up a little bit if they want to keep up. The Undertaker is the perfect and maybe only guy who can make Fridays great again.

    And what better way for The Undertaker to return than by making the entire Smackdown roster fear his wrath? It's time to resurrect The Ministry of Darkness and scare the living crap out of little kids everywhere again. 

    It'll start off with The Undertaker returning and finally stopping The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry after a match.

    After beating Henry senseless, he'll shut down the Hall of Pain permanently by mercilessly attacking him, causing Taker to turn heel in the process. 

    The next night, Taker will explain his actions with the help of Paul Bearer, telling the WWE Universe that now that he's returned, his mission can finally begin and his ministry can officially be reborn.

    Mark Henry was just a warning, the championship is certainly not his priority. The Deadman is here to take down the entire Friday night roster, and only those who join his ministry will be spared.

    So who will join this New Ministry of Darkness? I have a few ideas. Cody Rhodes? He's pretty insane already as it is, plus he's the reigning IC champ. Throw him in there. 

    Brodius Clay? Perfect enforcer of the group (Think Viscera). He won't even have to speak that much, he can just throw people around and scream. That's scary enough as it is.

    The Usos? They're a good tag team with nothing to do, in serious need of a fresh start. Perfect for the Ministry. 

    That's a pretty good and diverse group in my opinion. With The Undertaker leading the charge, there's no doubt that this new stable would be pretty dominant on the blue brand.

    Maybe sacrificing women should be kept in 1999, but there's still plenty of ways that the New Ministry could give little kids nightmares.

    What makes it so perfect is that The Undertaker won't even have to wrestle. He can just stand back and command his minions to do whatever he pleases. It'll be a great way to put him on TV while still resting for his huge match at Wrestlemania.

    After this match he can either keep leading the Ministry if he plans on staying around, or just disappear, leaving his former cronies to fend for themselves. 

    CM Punk did it with his Nexus buddies, so why the hell not? Either way it would make for one damn good curtain call. So who's going to stop them?

    Randy Orton? Maybe, but he'll be too busy trying to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Even though things may be crumbling around him, he always really seems to want that belt. 

    Wade Barrett? Good choice. There's rumors swirling that he may be The Undertaker's 20th victim at Wrestlemania, and what better twist then having him be the face and Taker be the heel? It would provide Barrett with an insane push too, and God knows he needs it. 

    Christian? He's a vet, and was once a member of the Ministry back in the day. But he's a heel, he should stay a heel, and that's that. 

    Sheamus? Again, good choice. He's a megaface on Smackdown and very over with the crowd. But he doesn't need the push and losing to The Undertaker may actually end up hurting his credibility.

    I'm going to go with Kane. The only man who truly knows The Deadman's weaknesses. The guy who can pick the Ministry apart piece by piece in order to get to his brother and stop the madness.

    This will all lead to their final battle at Wrestlemania, maybe even for both men...in a casket match, no less.

    What better way for The Undertaker and Kane to end their careers? Kane, even though he'll probably end up losing, will find a way to stop Taker's reign of darkness, resulting in the demise of both men...forever.

    Spooky right? And what a way to end a legacy.

    In the meantime though, for four whole months the entire Smackdown roster will be at the mercy of The Undertaker and his ministry for one last time.

    Take that, Monday Night Raw.  


    The New Ministry: The Undertaker, Cody Rhodess, Brodius Clay and The Usos


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    Thanks for reading, guys. Although this is all just for fun, I'd love to hear other ideas that you guys have concerning all this.

    Stay tuned for more WWE Fantasy in the future.