Ulises Solis Street Fight: Beat Up by Canelo Alvarez?

Henry MartinSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2011

Ulises Solis
Ulises Solis

Ulises Solis, a light flyweight boxer, made news recently after he was involved in a street fight were Saul "Canelo" Alvarez reportedly confronted Solis and beat him up.

The event was initially reported to have taken place on a Guadalajara street, but according to Solis, Alvarez confronted him at a running ground were the IBF champion usually trains. Solis claimed that after he finished training, Alavrez came up to him and accused Solis of fooling around with his girlfriend and then proceeded to punch Solis.

Solis suffered a broken jaw and a broken tooth from the event. Also, to give you a picture of the damage he took, Solis is a light flyweight (108) while Alvarez is a junior middleweight (154).

Now, Canelo's camp was quick to the punch to dispel any doubt that their man had anything to do with such a heinous act. They claimed that it was nothing more than a rumor and Canelo's mind is on nothing else than his showdown with Kermit Cintron in November.

Problem solved right?

Wrong, because later today a report was released on how Canelo admits to being at the incident, but only witnessing the act and not committing it. Alvarez claimed that the beat down did happen, but it was his brother and not him who beat up Solis.

In my honest opinion, this is just embarrassing. I don't know if Canelo is guilty or not, but signs are definitely pointing to it being him. 

First of all, Canelo blatantly lied (or at least his camp did) about his initial involvement with Solis's beatdown. That's never a good thing and usually makes somebody more suspicious on how much they're telling.

Next, Canelo has the audacity to throw his brother under the bus and claim it was his brother and not him. Just a quick fact, Canelo is Spanish for cinnamon and Alvarez got it as his nickname for his red hair. Canelo is also the only person in his family (apart from his mother) who has red hair. His father and five brothers all have dark hair. 

Unless Solis was blind or unable to see that night, I think he would be able to distinguish the difference between a person with dark hair and a person with red hair and freckles.

If Canelo did turn out to be the culprit in this act, this shows his immaturity. He may be only 21 years old, but he's a world champion, a icon back in Mexico and under the microscope of the boxing world.