WWE: 10 Questions I Would Love to Ask Vince McMahon

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 28, 2011

WWE: 10 Questions I Would Love to Ask Vince McMahon

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    "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." —Socrates

    Socrates loved to address conversation in the form of questions. He never tried to force his opinion upon anyone. He wanted them to find that truth themselves.

    I may not be Socrates, but I know I don't know anything truly about what is really going on in the WWE.

    One week it seems they are ready to become hugely popular, and the next they return to the old status quo.

    Mr. McMahon would never let me get close enough to ask him any of these 10 questions, or ever answer them, but they are important things I would love to know about the business.

    Good answers to these questions could really make the whole company look better.

    Following are the 10 questions I would ask Vince McMahon if given the opportunity.

Does Realism Factor into Your Decisions Within the Company?

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    For decades, the center of pro wrestling has been the large and muscular.

    Some of the biggest stars got where they are because of their physique.

    Was the physique what made them great?

    Does Vince McMahon think having guys with these muscles wrestling makes WWE seem more realistic than having the little cruiserweight success?

    If so, does that actually affect his judgment in creating his business even today?

Do You Feel That Personal Emotions and Business Should Coincide?

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    Vince McMahon has done many things in his career that can not entirely be described as great business decisions.

    Sometimes, he would fire great stars or abuse certain talents.

    All due to personal thought process against the star.

    This question would delve deeper into that idea.

    Can emotions and business work hand in hand?

    More importantly, does Vince McMahon think that it is so?

Does Anything Work Better the Second Time?

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    WWE is known for repeating almost every major angle a pro wrestling organization can come up with.

    We have seen many versions of NWO and DX.

    We just recently saw WWE repeat the ring-implosion-Lesnar spot at Vengeance.

    They even form certain stars after former stars.

    This question would hopefully delve into the deeper thought process on this tendency.

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

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    WWE has been known to love publicity.

    It loves when people talk about it on Facebook or Twitter.

    Sometimes, it doesn't even seem to matter if the publicity is negative.

    Many people openly complain about guys like Michael Cole and Booker T on commentary, yet they stay because people are talking about them.

    There are so many other examples of this thought process that I would be surprised if Vince McMahon would answer in this case with a confident "yes."

Are You Happy with the Current Direction of WWE as a Whole and Commercially?

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    As of late, the company has not been doing great.

    With the NFL season going on, numbers are obviously lower, but still the numbers are not encouraging in any regard.

    This would be an essential question for me because I would love to see how Mr. McMahon can defend his current product or how he would change it.

    Honestly though, if he wanted to change it, he would have.

Do You Believe That Anyone Can Carry the WWE After You?

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    Triple H is next in line to succeed Mr. McMahon.

    He is a great wrestler who has been working under McMahon for a while and seems to really be getting the hang of running the company.

    The question is, how confident is Vince in HHH?

    Is Paul Levesque the kind of guy he always wanted following in his footsteps?

    Did he ever consider Shane McMahon as a viable option?

    This could really allow one to see how Vince views this company's future.

Given the Chance, Would You Take Back Anything You Have Done with WWE?

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    This is a two-sided question.

    Obviously, there were some horrible angles made in the company, but does McMahon feel that they would be better off without any of them?

    The buzz they created may have been that bad publicity he always wanted.

    At the same time, what would he change if he decided to change something?

    This could be interesting to watch the WWE Chairman answer.

What Is Your Problem with JR?

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    Simple, straightforward and hopefully at this point, surprising.

    He would not see it coming, but it is possibly the grandest question that boggles my mind with Vince McMahon.

    You have the greatest commentator of all time in Jim Ross, and you make him look foolish again and again.

    It is just not right.

    I cannot see McMahon coming up with a great answer to this one.

Does Money Sway Your Decisions in WWE?

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    It's all about the money in the end.

    But is it really for Vince?

    Sometimes it seems that way.

    When he books celebrities and silly stunts that distract from the wrestling, is it all just about the money?

    I don't know, but I would hopefully figure it out with this question.

In 5 Years, Where Do You See Your Company?

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    This is a grand question because it topples many important ideas.

    Who will be on top?

    Who will have stepped up?

    How do you expect to keep this all up with stars you barely push?

    Will there still be a plethora of former stars?

    Will John Cena be a 20-time World Champion?

    Nobody knows except possibly Vince.

What Would You Ask?

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    Those are the 10 questions I would ask, but what about you?

    Would you ask similar questions?

    Do you have other concerns on your mind that you would want to address?

    Do you simply want to sit back and let it all happen?

    Comment below.

    Thanks for reading!